Getting into Your Garage: Projects You can Tackle While Quarantined

There’s no better time than now to end the procrastination and finally get what you need to get done to your project car. We wanted to round up a few How-To articles we’ve done over the years that would be perfect to get you going in the right direction.


Wire Your Hot Rod Like a Pro

Installing a Holley ECU

How to Set Up an MSD Distributor Part I

Affordable Underhood Makeover

Converting from Points to Electronic Ignition

General Engine

How to Start an Engine That’s Been Sitting for… Awhile

How to Set The Idle on Holley Carburetors

Tuning a Vacuum Secondary of a Holley Carb

How to Install Nitrous in Your Strip Burner

Get the Right Fuel System for Your Horsepower Needs


Rebuilding Your Own Brake Calipers

How to Replace Your Brake Pads

Emergency/Parking Brakes for Hot Rods

Brake Tech: Disc Brake Pads, Rotors, and Multi-Piston Calipers

Brakes 101: What You Need to Know, Part 1

Chassis & Suspension

Swappin’ Out Axles in Older Mopar “A” Body Cars

Bolt On Subframe Frame Connectors

Make Power to Manual Steering Conversions Easy Part 1

Building Links Part 1

Figuring Out Pinion Angle Part 1

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