Holley Tri Power Series Part 4


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Over the past several issues (part one, part two, part three), we’ve taken an in depth look at Holley’s latest tri-power setup for the Chevy small block. It’s an all-new retro arrangement, and honestly, it’s uber-cool. Those past pages covered the intake manifold along with the ins and outs of the 2300-series two-barrel carburetors. With this issue, we’ll wrap up the series with a look at the linkage, fuel lines and trick cast air cleaners. Check it out:

The fuel line Holley engineered for the system is a traditional formed hardline complete with three brass fuel blocks. As you can see in the accompanying photos, it comes disassembled, but honestly it’s a breeze to assemble. It’s best to loosely pre-assemble it before fitting it to the carbs. And yes, we dig the vintage look. It’s perfection for the application.

Another perfect for the application component is the included throttle linkage. It’s all based upon the center carb, which is equipped with two female rods for each outboard carb. To install, attach the linkage rods to outboard carburetors using the supplied washers and hairpins. Holley advises that you adjust each linkage so that all three carburetors open and close freely. After adjusting, tighten the pair of locking nuts on the linkage. It’s actually a very simple setup. See the photos for a closer look.

Topping off the package is a trio of cast aluminum air cleaners. The actual element is a reusable job that can be cleaned. Meanwhile, the finned top along with the base are castings. Holley includes a thick air cleaner base gasket for each carburetor along with a nifty vintage style acorn nut to clamp it down. Even the acorn nut washer is cool: It’s backed by a built in gasket and the washer is beveled, which allows it to take up some torque as it’s tightened (and it won’t fall off). Neat piece.

In the end, Holley’s latest three-deuce package for the small block Chevy is a giant leap into the retro hot rod world. Essentially, they’ve improved upon those old Tri-Power setups of old, making them easier to assemble and far easier to tune. Best of all, it’s a comprehensive package: Simply add your own intake gaskets and water neck and the three carb setup is ready to rock. Back to the future? You bet!

Fuel Line
The fuel line setup supplied in the kit is a multi-piece hardline affair. It’s not complicated to hook up.
Fuel line assembly
The first step is to pre-assemble it as shown here.
fuel line assembly
Here’s how the fuel line assembles on the carbs. It’s all very traditional and perfect for a vintage (looking) combination.
throttle linkage
The throttle linkage is equally simple (remember – simple is good!). It too is a piece of cake to assemble and adjust (see the next photo).
assembled throttle linkage
This is the assembled linkage. The unique linkage arrangement Holley came up with on the center carb makes it all happen.
throttle rods
The respective throttle rods are easily adjusted and as you can see, easy to install. End rods are hooked up with a simple hairpin.
cast aluminum air cleaner assembly
Topside, Holley provides three of these cast aluminum air cleaner assemblies with the Tri-Power kit.
air cleaner assembly
This is the air cleaner assembly broken down. It even includes a neat acorn air cleaner nut along with a gasketed washer.
Holley Tri-Power
Here’s another look at the complete Tri-Power. And yes, we did not bolt the carbs down for these photos, however Holley provides carb studs and nuts with the package along with air cleaner studs. Overall, it’s a slick package.

Check Out – Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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  1. It doesn’t appear that there is enough adjustment in the throttle linkage to run all three carbs in synch with each other….like a triple pumper.

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