Exhaust Mods for the Corvette C5, C6, and C7

Owning an icon is both a gift and a responsibility, and maintaining that iconic vehicle can be a full-time job.  Whether you’re looking to buy a later model Corvette, or already own one, knowing the ins and outs of the types of issues you might face during its tenure in your garage is the best way to keep it running and keep you both happy.

If you want to up the power in your C5, C6, or C7, upgrading the exhaust is a good way to go. It’s even a DIY project if you’re handy and a little ambitious.


In this article from the Corvette Forum How-To Section, different types of exhaust mods are broken down with the purpose behind each of them including headers, midpipes, cat-back kits, axle back kits, and exhaust enhancer plates.

The guide is a helpful resource when considering whether your concern is the DIY nature and place in the power differential(bolt-on headers and mid-pipe replacements), or an entire system that both makes a bigger noise and increases performance (like the Cat-Back system).

The piece also links to addition discussion topics related to exhaust mods. Check it out, and let us know what kind of mods you’d like to see discussed and illustrated.


For those ambitious enough to embrace the DIY, this article walks you through the install process:

Corvette: How to Install Headers and Exhaust

It breaks down the time, tools, and difficulty levels so that you know going in what the project will require.  (Hint, it’s gonna take a weekend if you’re slow, and a day if you’re efficient).

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