[Video] Powerblast Plate Test: Side-by-Side View

Our friends over at Prestige Motorsports got a customer who sent in a set of Thompson Performance Power Blast Plates, so they set up a video comparison test to see how good these things really are!


In the video, you will see the Thompson Performance Powerblast Plate tests side-by-side. First, the left view shows an initial quick rev test, followed by the same test with the Powerblast Plates installed in the right view. The transition to 3,500 RPM followed by the dyno pull is shown for each view simultaneously.

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  1. The article doesn’t mention it, but what you’re looking for here is better throttle response. The video isn’t totally conclusive or convincing. You want to make sure your carburetor accelerator pump shot is correctly sized for the needs of your vehicle/application. Ideally, you want the smallest squirter size (the orfice) that meets the needs of the engine – this ensures good atomization. Smaller Orfice = Better Atomization. Further tuning can then be done by tuning the duration of the squirt. Tuning kits are available for both Holley accelerator pump adjustment (https://www.speedwaymotors.com/Holley-4150-4160-2300-Carburetor-Accelerator-Pump-Shot-Tuning-Kit,414609.html) and Edelbrock carb accelerator pump adjustment (https://www.speedwaymotors.com/Edelbrock-Performer-Carburetor-Accelerator-Pump-Shot-Tuning-Kit,414613.html).

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