Setting Up Shop Part 2

In our last issue, we took a look at some of the procedures along with the tools you’ll most likely need to gather before embarking on a major build. As noted in that article, space is always at a premium. Not only do you need room to work on the car, you also need room to store parts. And you have to accomplish it with a certain degree of organization. Honestly, a project will never be complete if you strip a car or truck and stash all of the parts helter-skelter.

Here’s a good example: A long time ago, I looked at Corvette (with the intent of purchasing it) where the owner stripped the car — removing and disassembling virtually every single component. And I mean stripped and disassembled. Virtually every part and sub assembly was stripped bare. None of those parts were grouped together and none were identified (bagged and tagged). Instead it was just a massive pile of parts. It defined the term “basket case”. Honestly it was so daunting I passed on the project. Basically, you don’t want to be “that guy”!

In fact, “that guy” completely influenced how I went about working on cars. I decided it wasn’t that difficult or expensive to become somewhat organized. In the following photos and captions, we’ll show you how it was accomplished: