SEMA Announces Launchpad Semi-Finalists


Cameron Crummie - Owner, MDV

Product: Guard – Modular LED Bluetooth-controlled brush guard for trucks and SUVs.

Adam Gruener - CEO, Off Road In Mind

Product: RGB-Recovery Gear Box – Can be used for recovery gear, emergency gear, or for any other storage needs and is typically attached to a spare tire on the back of a vehicle.

Jonathan Hurley - Owner, ToolBox Widget

Product: ToolBox Widget – Modular tool organizers that allow a mechanic to connect as many tool organizers together as needed, making them customizable to the mechanic.

Monika Kalenski - President and CEO, MEKMagnet

Product: Removable Trail Armor – Printed side body protection paneling utilizing nano-hold technology to stick to aluminum and non-metal vehicles. Protects vehicles from scrapes and scratches when off-roading while adding style with printed graphics.

Brendan McGrath - CEO, Dyme Performance Systems Inc.

Product: Rattlesnake Toolkit – Toolkit that can measure the exact length and angle of a hose assembly down to the millimeter, significantly reducing time and cost.

Robert McKeirnan - President and Managing Partner, Stratos Meccanica LLC

Product: Strada and Corsa Concealed Quick Disconnect Interface – Concealed interface for mounting a license plate to the front of a vehicle. Does not require having to drill holes into the front bumper and does not require tools to remove once installed.

D.J. Potter - CEO, Sawtooth

Product: Sawtooth STRETCH Tonneau Cover and Sawtooth SURFBOARD Cartop Carrier – Tonneau that loads, secures, and protects cargo taller than the pickup truck bed walls.

Alan Reyes - Co-founder and President, Xtrusion Designs LLC-min

Product: Modular Cargo Bedracks – Modular cargo solution that allows the usage of T-Slot aluminum profiles as its main component, allowing a complete customizable platform for the end user.

Kevin Robinson - President, TRAC LLC

Product: The TRAC Tire Rotation Assistance Cart is a tool designed to simply lift and remove a wheel from a vehicle during service. The tool is designed to reduce workplace injuries while increasing productivity. Use the TRAC and not your back. Available at Proudly made in the USA.

Paul Rooprai - CEO, AutoBio LLC

Product: AutoBio Tags – 2.5-inch round cling that goes inside the windshield and is embedded with technology (QR & NFC) that serves as a portal to a car's story and is scannable with a smartphone. No app download required.

Michael Ruhs - Co-founder and CEO, TailHand

Product: TailHand – Customizable platform and accessories system that mounts directly to most pickup truck tailgates, providing an "extra hand" for securing tools and raw materials, transforming a tailgate into a versatile mobile-workstation.

Tom Sawarynski - Owner, Off-Road Research-min

Product: Smart Cap Module (SCM) – Allows any aftermarket shock absorber with a bridge or remote mounted reservoir to broadcast damper position to an external module or modules.

Michael Sullivan - Owner, Fox Products LLC

Product: RaZorTop Retractable Cap – Roll open tonneau cover that raises up to a full-size cap when needed and retracts when done using it by the press of a button on a wireless remote control.

Edward Tansingco - President, Thinskinz

Product: Thinskinz Door Protectors – Removable hard plastic interior door panel protectors that snap onto OEM interior door panels without fasteners or adhesives to protect doors against damage from objects or pets inside the vehicle.

Dustin Woolf - Owner, Woolfpack Racing

Product: Natural Nitrous – Stand-alone refrigerated system for the air induction of the motor. It lowers the air charge and dehumidifies the moisture which increases horsepower because there are dense oxygen atoms in the cylinder. It also lowers emissions because of the complete burn of the fuel.

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