Ohio Empowers Consumer Vehicle Choice with H.B. 201 Legislation

In a resounding victory for consumer autonomy in vehicle selection, Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio has signed into law legislation supported by both the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) and the Performance Racing Industry (PRI). The bill, known as H.B. 201, stands as a testament to prioritizing the rights of Ohioans to determine the most suitable vehicles for their needs, free from government-imposed restrictions based on energy sources.

H.B. 201, championed by the Ohio General Assembly, marks a significant milestone in preserving consumer freedom by prohibiting any state or local government entity from impeding the use or sale of motor vehicles due to their power sources, including internal combustion engines (ICE). The legislation underscores the belief that individuals should have the autonomy to select vehicles that best align with their lifestyle, financial capacities, and personal preferences, regardless of the fuel type.

Christian Robinson, the Senior Director of State Government Affairs and Grassroots at SEMA and PRI, expressed strong support for this legislation, stating, “PRI strongly applauds the Ohio General Assembly for taking a stand for consumer choice in the automotive marketplace.” Robinson emphasized that consumers deserve the liberty to choose vehicles based on their distinct needs, which H.B. 201 secures.

The signing of H.B. 201 by Governor DeWine is a significant win, safeguarding Ohioans’ access to a diverse array of vehicle options amidst the automotive industry’s rapid evolution. This legislation arrives at a pivotal moment characterized by swift advancements in alternative fuel technologies, juxtaposed with ongoing concerns about affordability and infrastructure readiness.

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Action Network (SAN) also stands in support of the legislation, advocating that Ohioans should have the authority to determine the technology best suited for their families without governmental constraints. This collective stance reinforces the principle that consumer preferences and needs should guide vehicle choices, contributing to a landscape where individuals can select vehicles aligned with their budget, driving habits, and personal inclinations.

H.B. 201’s enactment into law signifies a triumph for consumer freedom and underscores Ohio’s commitment to empowering individuals to make informed and personalized vehicle choices, setting a precedent for prioritizing consumer autonomy in the automotive marketplace.

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  1. This does nothing as the “FED” can and will impose it’s will with money, grants, federal laws. Oh, federal law supercedes state law. Sounds like a states right’s fight and the Constitution. Oh, that pesky Constitution that means nothing to people who don’t believe in it. No, I’m not giving up, but what say you?

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