[Video] Installing Disc Brakes to your Vehicle


A wise gearhead once said, “With great power comes great braking,” and no truer words have ever been spoken. When your car is putting down over 300 horses to the wheels (not hard with our type of cars) you need to start thinking about upgrading your stock brakes, especially if they are drum brakes.  Although there is nothing wrong with drum brake technology, there is no place for them in racing. The problem with drum brakes is heat, under hard braking drum brakes cannot dissipate heat fast enough and can be subject to brake fade.  Newer drilled or slotted disc brakes do a much better job of dealing with heat under heavy braking. In this video, Wilwood  gives us some great tips on upgrading brakes with a customers ’65 Ford Mustang. If you are looking to install some disc brakes on your car, this video will give you a good sense of what do.

Tips for in this video include:

1. Before the Installation
a. Making sure you have the proper brake lines needed
b. Having the Vehicle properly raised

2. Removing the stock brakes.
a. Removing the drum
b. Remove the backing plate assembly
c. Cleaning the spindle

3, Properly fitting the Caliper Brackets to the spindle

4. Mounting the Hub/Hat assembly to the rotors
a. Make sure bearings are coated with high-temp bearing grease

5. Mounting the Caliper
a. Making sure the rotor is aligned inside of the caliper

6. Installing the disc brake pads into the rotor

7. Installing and securing the brake line

Wilwood has plenty of other helpful videos for other vehicles HERE.

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