[Video] EFI Wars: Edelbrock Vs. FiTech

Youtuber Nashville Early Bronco wanted to figure out the best EFI system to run on his ’75 Bronco so he pit the FiTech Go Street that he’s been running against the Edelbrock Pro Flo 4. Watch the video above and decide for yourself what EFi system might be right for you.

John Melton goes over the 7 things that everyone in the market for an EFI system should consider.

1. Price 

2. Customer Service 

3. User Interface (with the controllers)

4. Installation 

5. Size

6. Horsepower 

7. Differences

2 Comments on [Video] EFI Wars: Edelbrock Vs. FiTech

  1. Long video but contained a lot of good information!! What would be awesome is if Holley would send you one of their Sniper EFI systems and that would complete a trifecta of all the major throttle body EFI conversions on the market. I have wanted to do a conversion on my SBC engine 34 Ford Coupe street rod but had not found a comparison like this and it answered a lot of questions and if you could do the same with the Holley system versus the other two that would be awesome before plunking down $2000 to $2500 to change over from a carburetor to one of these EFI systems. Thanks for your consideration and hope someone at Holley reads this and will send you one of their systems for evaluation and comparison!!!

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