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Upgrading to EFI can be complicated and intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. With Quick Fuel Technology’s self-tuning QFI system, it can be done in a single afternoon. The QFI system is an innovative throttle-body assembly that bolts on to any 4150-style intake manifold. So go ahead and enjoy the drivability, fuel mileage, and cold-start benefits of EFI!

Quick Fuel Technology has grown exponentially since starting in 1998 and have changed the benchmark by which performance carburetors are measured. They are always looking to the future and constantly seeking the next innovation. With their past experience and racetrack development, they continue their pursuit of horsepower and efficiency.

In this video, Dave Bowman & Derrick Borders take us through the features and benefits of the QFi System by Quick Fuel Technology in this episode of Motorhead Garage. In this episode, they are working on their Chevelle and they are going to convert it from its old carbureted system to a new QFi Fuel Injection System.

Before they were able to get started with the conversion, however, there were a few things they needed to do underneath the car to get it ready. First, they needed to give the system some information so that they supply you with the correct parts, mainly the wideband heated oxygen sensor, which is what you really need. It maintains your air/fuel ratio perfectly. Typically, you’ll need to get a bung, drill a hole, and weld it on, but Quick Fuel Technology supplies you with a little bracket and a sealing gasket, and you’ll just need to make a little hole and use your stainless steel clamps.

They also mounted the electric fuel pump below the level of the fuel tank, and they put a return line and a fuel vent in the tank. After all of that was taken care of, they were ready to drop the car down and get started on converting their system to the new QFi System.

The QFi System is a complete system that comes with all your lines and fittings to be able to do the complete install, it comes with both the pump and the filter, and the bung for the O2 sensor. It also comes with a complete (labeled) harness, a handheld controller that can be installed in either the inside or the outside of the car, and the return-style regulator and gauge, as well as the “brains of the operation,” which goes under the hood.

The throttle body unit comes in two different styles, either the silver finish or the black diamond finish. Both units are 950 CFM and they both come with a duel feed line. If you’re not completely confident in your ability to put this all together correctly, it comes with a full set of instructions to help you out.

Now comes the real fun of the video. They get down and dirty in the engine bay, taking out the old carbureted system and getting ready to install the QFi System. They previously ran the fuel lines up so that it’s easier to reach down and grab them when they’re ready.

First, they mount the fuel pressure regulator on the firewall so that it’s nice and easy to get to since it’s adjustable. The double bolt pattern on the throttle body will fit a 4150 or a 4500. It’ll bolt right on easily in place of the carburetor and hook up to your stock manifold linkage, and then you can put back on your return line with the gaskets supplied in the kit.

Once they get everything tightened down, they plug it all in, hook up the fuel rails, and get ready to set it up with the handheld controller. The controller will ask you things like engine displacement, what your target air/fuel is (it’s self-learning), the compression of the engine, your idle RPM, your target idle RPM, etc. This will get you your base setup before you do the self-learning progress.

And just like that, it’s all ready to go. They just need to let it warm up and then take it for a ride to make sure it’s all working properly. It’s that simple to convert your system from the old and typical carbureted system to a QFi Fuel Injection System. Quick Fuel Technology makes the process so simple and easy and supplies you with everything you’ll need to complete your project quickly and easily.

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