Old School Carb Looks with EFI Performance from Holley’s Terminator Stealth

Old School Carb Looks with EFI Performance from Holley’s Terminator Stealth
The Holley Terminator Stealth EFI Master Kit in Shiny. The Master Kit comes with everything you see here.


Many of us old school hot rodders prefer the looks of a big carb sitting atop our high rise intake manifold over the rather wimpy looking fuel rail and injectors of most electronic fuel injection (EFI) systems on the market today. Holley’s an old school company that is dedicated to giving us the latest and greatest go-fast toys. They’ve given us a winner that warms the cockles of my heart, because it looks like a big 900+ CFM carburetor but delivers the performance and efficiency of injection.


Terminator Stealth Is a Thing of Monstrous Beauty

Old School Carb Looks with EFI Performance from Holley’s Terminator Stealth
The throttle body unit looks just like some of Holley’s big racing carbs at first glance. It’s not until you look more closely that you notice the venturis have a different design.


Admit it, you’re like me. There’s nothing better than popping the hood on your classic muscle car and seeing a big, beefy carburetor sitting up on top of that killer high rise dual plenum intake manifold. Well, nothing except the throaty roar you hear when you floor the gas pedal. In talking with a bunch of my older gearhead friends, I learned they miss both of these things in the newer cars we see. We want our carburetors, but the NHRA has told us “Tough patoocky Petunia, you want to compete in our events, you will be injected. Period.”


Choose from Four Different Kit Options and Two Color Options

Old School Carb Looks with EFI Performance from Holley’s Terminator Stealth
Holley’s Terminator Stealth EFI Kit doesn’t come with the rest of the required fuel system components needed for converting your carbureted strip burner to electronic fuel injection. This what Holley’s “hardcore grey” looks like.


With the Terminator Stealth EFI system, Holley gives you four different options from which to choose. I’m one of those gearheads who feels that “Chrome is nice, but chrome won’t get you home.” Because of this, I tend to shy away from as much shiny chrome stuff under my head as I can. Give me flat black or brushed aluminum any day. However, Holley knows that many of you out there like to see shiny stuff under your hood. For this reason, Holley makes the Eliminator Stealth in both shiny and matte black-which they call hardcore grey.

They also give you four different types of kits to buy:

  • The Master Kit, which includes everything you need to convert your carbureted fire-breather to a fuel injected fire-breather. This includes the controller, wired handheld tuner, regulator, fuel pump, filters, 40 feet of fuel line, and the fuel tank bulkhead fitting for the return line.
  • The EFI Kit, which includes the throttle body, the controller, and a wired handheld tuner.
  • Service throttle body, which replaces a malfunctioning throttle body or can be used as an upgrade unit.
  • Stealth EFI Kit with GM transmission control. This is the Stealth EFI kit with that addition of an internal controller for GM electronic transmissions such as the 4L80E.


Old School Carb Looks with EFI Performance from Holley’s Terminator Stealth
For those who like shiny under the hood, there are also four shiny/polished options.


The Terminator Stealth EFI throttle body unit fits the standard Holley 4150 4BBL (pretty much universal four barrel carb) mounting, so it’s quick and easy to perform the mechanical change out. Almost everything is direct plug and play and there should be minimal splicing required. The installation is something you can do from start to finish in just a few hours.

The throttle body also uses standard throttle linkage, so you can easily hook up the kickdown on your Ford C-series or GM TH350/400 or 700R4 transmissions.


Old School Carb Looks with EFI Performance from Holley’s Terminator Stealth
This is the hardcore grey version of the Terminator Stealth Kit with GM Electronic transmission control. Notice the control unit is quite a bit bigger than the others.


Additionally, the ECU tunes itself as you drive, meaning you don’t need a computer to create any mapping tables. However, there is a free upgrade option that will allow you to do just that if you wish. The kits also come with a timing control option for GM Small Cap HEI and Ford TFI distributors.

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  1. How much please? Where is the full price guide? Help an old man out .I have a 62 ford galaxie 406 that came with tri power.I have taken that off and it has a 750 Holley on a Edelbrock aluminum intake manifold and it is kind of a pain in the butt .Would love to have something like this to cruise around with and have good dependable performance. Any info would help. Like some testimonials of customers on it’s good and bad sides.Thanks.

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