McLeod Racing – How to Bleed an Internal Hydraulic Bearing

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If you’re not sure how to bleed your internal hydraulic bearings, it’s incredibly simple. All you’ll need is an old empty soda bottle, some brake fluid, and an assistant to help you out. McLeod Racing shows us exactly how to do this on their McLeod Racing Internal hydraulic throw out bearing.

McLeod Racing has been providing cutting edge products and industry leading service to the world’s foremost performance automotive, light truck, and racing enthusiasts since 1971. They have a rich tradition of producing the very highest quality and most innovative clutches on the market. Their units range from performance street replacement clutches to race ready units and are capable of handling up to 3000 hp. Whether you have a daily driver or a full race machine, McLeod has you covered.

In this video, Fred Taylor of McLeod Racing shows us how to bleed McLeod Racing Internal hydraulic throw out bearings. He starts with a soda bottle with the top cut off and he has it filled with brake fluid. First, he opens up the bleeder valve (loosen it up about three or four turns) and submerge the whole fitting into the brake fluid.

When you see air bubbles, you’ll want to pump the pedal down and let it back up slowly. Fred has an assistant to help him out with this, and you may want to enlist someone to help you, as well. You want to continue pumping the pedal slowly until you don’t see any more air bubbles in the brake fluid.

Once there are no more air bubbles coming out on the pedal pumps, you’ll want to try and tighten it back up by hand while it’s still submerged in the fluid so it doesn’t get any more air in it. Then you can pull it out of the fluid and tighten it back up with a wrench.

Bleeding your internal hydraulic throw out bearings is that simple! It’ll give you a better pedal after just moments of work.

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