MagnaFlow Powers Up the 2014 AED/RacingJunk Chevy Silverado With a Throaty Roar

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As part of the 15th Anniversary celebration, The Burnout is sitting down with some of our partners who have contributed to the 2014 Performance Chevrolet Silverado giveaway to find out more about the company itself, and the product currently rocking the truck.  This time it’s with Kirsten Wright of MagnaFlow to talk about the exhaust system  they contributed, and the other great products they offer.

The Burnout: Can you give me a little background on MagnaFlow? How was the company started? What is the focus?

Kristen Wright: MagnaFlow, with its legacy of performance, has been a global leader in high quality exhaust systems for over 30 years. Industry leading technology, design, fitment and manufacturing has made MagnaFlow the choice of Champions and performance enthusiasts worldwide. Made in the USA, MagnaFlow designs and manufactures a full line of high-quality, high-performance exhaust products for the automotive aftermarkets.

Known for both innovation and extensive coverage, MagnaFlow delivers full systems, slip on mufflers and custom builder kits which exceed the demands of today’s drivers. With unmatched style, sound, performance and quality, MagnaFlow has been become the exhaust system of choice for many Master Builders and Champion racers such as Mario Andretti, Chip Foose, “Grave Digger’s” Dennis Anderson, Arlen Ness and Vaughn Gittin Jr. Quality, power and sound is what it’s all about atMagnaFlow.

The Burnout: Tell me about the exhaust system on the Silverado. Why this version? What are some other options for similar vehicles and what are the benefits of each?

Kristen Wright: The exhaust for the Silverado is designed to give truck owners exactly what they need in an aftermarket exhaust system: more power (dyno proven increases in horsepower and torque), quality (our stainless steel performance exhaust systems come with a lifetime warranty) and sound (the Silverado system will increase that deep, powerful rumble and turn heads wherever you go)

The Burnout: What’s the benefit of a custom exhaust over stock? Can you tell me anything about installation or longevity? What does it allow the Silverado to do that it couldn’t do before, and why would you put one on other vehicles?

Kristen Wright: An aftermarket exhaust is designed to improve performance, by opening up the flow of the exhaust system. MagnaFlow is at the top of the field in technology and our research and development team is hard at work to make sure that our systems all deliver a solid improvement over a stock system. You will see an increase in horsepower and in some cases, MPG as well. If you’re towing – the added torque is a great benefit too.

The Burnout:   Are there any potential mechanical issues to be aware of with this exhaust that a stock vehicle wouldn’t experience?

Kristen Wright: An aftermarket exhaust should not cause any issues in a vehicle if it is installed properly and the right exhaust is used on the right vehicle.

The Burnout:    What other MagnaFlow products or variations of this product would you recommend for our audience – either for their performance vehicles, their haulers, trucks, daily drivers, etc.

Kristen Wright: MagnaFlow offers aftermarket exhausts for all types of vehicles – from trucks like the Silverado to American Muscle, European and Sport Compact cars. We are dedicated to the automotive industry and to leading the way in research and development.

The Burnout:  What else would you like our readers to know about MagnaFlow?

Kristen Wright: We love our fans – and this industry. The passion for cars and trucks runs deep in this company!

Want to hear the exhaust roar? This video from MagnaFlow shows just how powerful that rumble is.

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