How to Care for High Flow Fuel Injectors

How to Care for High Flow Fuel Injectors

Atomizer Racing Injectors takes pride in providing the only purpose built racing injectors on the market. Atomizer customers hold more records and championships than any other injector, and the company is proud to manufacture their products in the USA. According to the company, their mission is to provide their customers, both current and potential, with the power of knowledge to back up their purchase of racing injectors to get the most out of their investment. From the import to the domestic market, Atomizer fuels winning racers! Below are some tips on how to care for injectors, straight from Atomizer.

How to Care for High Flow Fuel Injectors

Q: What is considered a harsh fuel?

A: Harsh fuels are those that have an adverse effect on natural rubber fuel lines and other natural rubber components in your fuel system as well as other materials that can break down.
Examples are methanol nitromethane M5 q16 all of the E fuels.


Q: What type of fuel line material should we use with harsh fuels?

A: We recommend PTFE fuel lines on all harsh fuel applications.


Q: What is the proper way to clean my new fuel lines prior to installation?

A: We recommend hot soapy water being run through the line back and forth then compressed air through the lines and lastly hang them to dry.


Q: How did I find aluminum in my fuel system?

A: Many of the fuel system components are made from aluminum during the machining and fabrication of these parts. Many of them can have hanging burrs, dust, and debris. This contamination MUST be cleaned from the system or you are at risk for a sticking injector.


Q: What information is needed to properly size a fuel injector to the application?

A: We need to know approximate horsepower, fuel type, power adder type (if any) and maximum engine RPM.


Q: What engine management systems work with Atomizer Injectors?

A: All engine management systems can drive our injectors. Atomizer injectors are designed around 16 volt systems with a preferred 8 Amp Peak 2-amp amp hold drive signal for our low-impedance versions.

How to Care for High Flow Fuel Injectors

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