Hellwig Products – Installing a Sway Bar for a Lifted Truck


If you’ve got a lifted truck and want to make it even better, you’ll want to add a rear sway bar kit. It’ll give you a higher center of gravity and make the overall ride much smoother and safer.

Hellwig Products is a family owned business and has been for over 65 years. Hellwig Products specializes in 100% American Made precision engineered products.

Truck U from melhellwig on Vimeo.

In this video, you’ll learn why it’s important to have a rear sway bar kit on a lifted truck, and this particular video shows us a sway bar kit from Hellwig Products. The idea of having this kit is that it will give the lifted truck a high center of gravity and a lot more stability with better traction, which is great for going around tighter turns.

If you don’t know what a sway bar does, the guys in this video break it down for us. Your body sits on top of the tires and the frame, and you jacked the truck up when you lifted it. Now, when you go into a corner and, if you don’t have a sway bar, the body rolls over almost as if it’s going to tip over. The sway bar prevents that rolling motion. The stock sway bar will do just fine if you keep the truck at stock level, but the moment you lift your truck, you’ll want to upgrade your sway bar as well. You’ll get better traction, better control, and a safer ride all the way around.

You have some room for adjustment when you install your sway bar with three different mounting points in terms of how soft or how tight you prefer that sway bar to be.

Lifting your stock truck can look really cool and make your truck better for what you need it for, but you want to make sure that you’re keeping that truck as safe as it can be. Having a rear sway bar kit will give your truck stability and will eliminate any worry of the body rolling over or losing traction in tighter turns.

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