Cruising into the Future: Holley Drives Innovation with Performance Brand Evolution

Holley Inc. has unveiled a strategic shift in its operational branding from Holley Performance Products to Holley Performance Brands. This announcement signifies the company’s ambition to broaden its influence and fortify its position within the high-performance automotive aftermarket domain. Under the banner of Holley Performance Brands, the company is embracing an expanded mission that honors its rich heritage while also striving to expedite future growth and innovation.

Departing from its previous predominant focus on classic muscle and truck segments, Holley Performance Brands has revamped and diversified its market strategy by organizing its offerings into distinct vertical categories – Domestic Muscle, Modern Truck & Off-Road, Euro & Import, and Safety & Racing. This strategic realignment aims to enable Holley Performance Brands to cater to a broader and more diverse clientele with specialized products and services, thereby bolstering its adaptability to market trends and enhancing customer engagement.

Matthew Stevenson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Holley, remarked, “The rebranding to Holley Performance Brands signifies a significant milestone in our journey. Our robust and diverse brand portfolio, coupled with our alignment along these new vertical groupings, is propelling our transformation and fostering innovation and expansion. This transition heralds an exciting new chapter in automotive performance and underscores that Holley Performance Brands represents not merely parts but an integral aspect of a larger movement.”

The Holley Performance Brands portfolio leverages the collective strength of its iconic brands to deliver a unified and dynamic customer experience aimed at providing unmatched enjoyment, performance, and safety. This branded portfolio serves as a strategic competitive advantage and encompasses renowned names such as APR®, Dinan®, Simpson®, Stilo®, Flowmaster®, Holley®, ADS®, Baer®, Edge®, DiabloSport®, AEM®, MSD®, and over 50 others. Recognized for their innovation, quality, and performance, these brands form the cornerstone of Holley’s endeavor to meet the diverse and evolving needs of enthusiasts worldwide.

Simultaneously, the company is steadfast in its commitment to cultivating a dynamic work environment and making strategic investments in innovation to prepare for the future. By prioritizing smart simplicity, Holley Performance Brands is streamlining its operations to enhance efficiency and amplify its impact within the industry. This focused approach prioritizes initiatives that empower the company’s teams, drive growth, and energize its customers, ensuring that Holley Performance Brands remains competitive and responsive in a rapidly evolving market landscape.

In the upcoming weeks and months, Holley Performance Brands will embark on a deliberate transition to its new branding approach, updating key visual elements across its numerous branded and marketing assets. While Holley Inc. will continue to serve as the official corporate name, the enterprise will retain its listing on the NYSE under the ticker symbol of HLLY.



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