World of Speed Museum to Close Permanently

Photo: World of Speed Museum
Photo: World of Speed Museum

Sadly, The World of Speed motorsport museum will be permanently closing its doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their board of directors announced Tuesday to shut down museum operations after Gov. Kate Brown released a phased plan to restart the state economy.  The museum’s board of directors couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, the museum has been closed for 2 months amidst the pandemic.

“Voting to close the museum permanently was an extremely difficult decision for the board,” said Sally Bany, co-founder of World of Speed, in a statement.

Bany added that board members took into consideration that the museum would likely fall into Phase 2 or even  Phase 3 of the governor’s current reopening plan, which could push the museum’s reopening date into 2021.

“After much deliberation, our board determined that we are unable to continue our mission for such an extended closure period,” she said.

The museum opened in April 2015 and offered visitors a behind-the-­scenes view of the racing world through its exhibits, hands-on activities, and collection of historic race cars, boats, and motorcycles.


10 Comments on World of Speed Museum to Close Permanently

  1. This fabulous museum was on my bucket list! They were first class and have been open since 2015. Somebody move this museum from the left coast and get it at least to the mid-west. Us right coasters would have more of a chance to visit and support it.

    • I agree, let’s not lose this valuable automotive treasure.
      Yes, move it to the midwest so more people will be able to travel to
      see this fantastic collection!

  2. Try running a GO-Fund-Me page. I’m sure motorsports fan from around the country would be more than willing to chip in a few bucks to keep you operational.

  3. This is a shame. I go to the museum every time I drive up north . I grew up racing on the West Coast and I always tell my kids about the stories of the people that are posted in the museum. I am going to miss it very much. All the people working in the museum are a wealth of knowledge. Thank you to everyone that allowed the museum to put the race car in there, and all the people that made the museum happen.

  4. Man, how depressing is that. My old car is in that museum. I wonder what will happen to it, or where it will go? AA/FA Nanook.

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