What Was the First Car You Did a Burnout In?

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I remember it like it was yesterday. My first burnout was in a 1970 Mercury Comet with a 302 V8 and rear gears that were way too tall for a 16-year old. Here at RacingJunk, we are curious what was the first car you burned rubber in was? Whether it was a 6 cyl peg leg in a supermarket parking lot or a two-wheel burner in front of your high school, we want to hear from you. If you’re one of our younger RJ fans that have never done a burnout: please refer to this video, borrow your dads Nova, lay down some smoke, and prepare to get your butt whooped. We promise it will be worth it.

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Ralph Guerra is the associate editor for RacingJunk.com. Ralph grew up in Southern California's car culture and quickly became infatuated with anything and everything V8. Whether it was a 63 Fairlane with a 289 or a Gt500 with a supercharged 5.4, if it was a V8 he wanted to drive it--fast.

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  1. My first burnout was in my Dads 1972 Eldorado Cadillac in front of my high school. The car had a 502 and it was front wheel drive.

  2. My first burnout was in a ’72 Gremlin X with a 304 and a Borg Warner 3 speed on the floor…”Take it to the Limit” was playing on the radio. My mom was inside the mall shopping while I was ripping around the parking lot! I parked before she came out….I often wonder if she ever knew.

  3. My first burnout was when I was 13 years old and I managed to buy a 1958 Triumph TR3 roadster for $50.

    It had been apart by the prior owner who had the engine rebuilt, but he screwed up the wiring, which wasn’t color coded, so weird stuff would happen, such as hitting the left turn light lever would blow the horn. step on the brake and the headlights came on. However it did start right up and that tiny motor in a fly weight car had some serious power.

    One day after school while my parents were at work I was working on the car when a tiny voice told me, DRIVE THAT BITCH NOW!

    Our driveway was dirt and only 75 feet long and the garage 24 feet deep. I was forbidden from driving the car but I had to! The voices made me do it!

    I backed it as far into the garage as I could, revved the engine and popped the clutch burning tires out of the garage leaving tire rubber stripe’s on the concrete floor.

    When it hit dirtI hit 2nd, slammed 3rd then 4th, then down shifted 3-2-1 by the time I got to the sidewalk where a woman was walking by and scared the crap outta her!

    It was then reality hit me that she’d probably tell my parents, so back in the garage it went and I saw the driveway looked like a just plowed farm. I got the rake and in a panic raked the driveway trying to hide my lack of judgment.

    That woman never said a thing to my parents and my father thanked me for taking the driveway.

    After my successful crime, I perfected my power shifts in that same way still scaring a few pedestrians along the way and I kept taking the driveway each time and my parents never knew.

    That was in 1964. Several months later the guy next door gave me a 1958 Tennessee license plate that on one very foggy night also began talking to me “take me out for a real ride!” I had to obey the voices , power shifted up then down to get to the street, made a left and was flying down the road when a cop spotted me, I took off made several turns and lost him. I drove it back into the garage, shut the door and kept it shut for 3 months, raked out the driveway and later swapped it for a white and silver 56 Chevy with a 265 in it to get rid of the evidence!

    Nope I was never caught

  4. My first Burnout was my 55 Chevy Hardtop back in 1965! Had a punched 283 in it with double hump heads and a 3 speed in the floor with a Hurst “Mystery shifter”. Old car would run!!

  5. My ’40 Plymouth coupe had a Flathead 6 & would only squeal a tire in Reverse.
    Later, I rebuilt the 318 Poly in what was my Mom’s former Daily Driver (it was in 1970 or ’71). We milled the heads .060 (probably way too much). A few months later, the motor was broken-in and suddenly a bunch of new torque came on line. A little brake torque and the right rear tire broke loose and produced lots of smoke! Now I had a whole new motivation to cruise!
    I would rev it at traffic lights & let the glass packs bark; carefully put it in gear (pushbuttons) and start to load the rear suspension as the wheel began to spin (and smoke). More often the muscle car would spin his tires and I would smoothly pull away. No tickets that way, but lots of fun!

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