[VIDEO] Hillbilly Go-Kart Powered by a Olds V-8

Whether you are building a race car for the track or restoring a car you used to have in high school, most projects have a purpose. The purpose for this project is 100% pure fun. This go-kart  was engineered by an obvious mad scientist with a spare Oldsmobile 425-cubic- inch V-8 lying around, and not much else.  With the chassis looking like it’s made out of broom sticks, and the steering wheel off a vintage ice-cream truck, this Frankenstein doesn’t really scream safety. However, with a heavy cam and instant fishtails with the blip of throttle, this thing screams awesome.

Via Bangshift

4 Comments on [VIDEO] Hillbilly Go-Kart Powered by a Olds V-8

  1. Hey where is the NHRA??? You want to be the Police NHRA of everything not just what you want to pick and choose that isn’t how this Country was founded the law is the law!!! NHRA YOU CAN’T JUST TAKE ONE GROUP THAT IS CALLED SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT!!! Every Racer has done what theses boys have done that is a paved street ??? In Life you take chances. Now what if that slapped together Rat Rod no Air cleaner what if the fuel line came off gas everywhere is there a safety strap for the drive line that roll bar??? On and on!!! You where lucky keep it up and your luck will be gone.

  2. You people with dads money, and or wealthy spenders can’t understand the good ole boys from yesterday AT ALL. I,m 71 years young and my 1st. rod wasn’t that much different than this dudes ride! I cut the top off of a 29 sedan, 331 Hemi, the old Powerflyte 2 sp. tranny, and the Chrysler diff. Black iron pipe welded with a Forney Stick Welder. Freakin thing was insane but, that’s where this all started from and I have reminded a lot of younger street rod and drag racers of this very fact. Rat rods are what I refer to when they start making fun of them. We did what we could with what we had and, by the way, Nothing wrong with hillbillies or Red necks using their brains and hands to build what they can with out paying some rod shop 10 times more than actually is nesc! I ran the gassers in Colorado in the 70’s and have to say that all the safety rules probably saved my life a couple of times in that nasty old Willys! Safety rules are a needed thing for every car and driver on the strip. COOL Article guys, keep it up!

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