The Bronco is Coming This Week. No Really. This Video from Ford says so!

Ford hints at the new Ford Bronco’s arrival this week with this teaser video. Bronco fans have been clamoring for satisfaction over the last couple of years after rumors of the new Bronco’s return started flying. An with the announcement that Ford was finally going bring this hope to life, fans have waited with bated breath.  Ford faked us all out at SEMA 2019, sharing a Jay Leno custom classic Bronco instead, and then these shots of a Bronco sporting a spy wrap actually in action leaked, creating even more thirst. Finally, Ford announced the launch for July 9th, overlooking that this was an unfortunately date in Ford Bronco history (O.J. Simpson’s birthday), and thus cancelled the launch. Now, finally, the date is official and confirmed for July 13, 2020. Ford will be taking reservations that evening.

Learn more about the 2021 Ford Bronco here:

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1 Comment on The Bronco is Coming This Week. No Really. This Video from Ford says so!

  1. Awwww,come on, OJ’s birthday would’ve been the PERFECT day for the Bronco launch.
    They should offer an all white OJ special edition too.
    Where’s your sense of humor Ford?🤣

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