Elvis Presley's Restored 1957 Cadillac

Elvis Presley’s Restored 1957 Cadillac

August 2, 2017 Keith MacDonald 0

Warrington had speculated that restoring the Caddy would take roughly a year, but due to the rarity of some parts and the slow progression of refurbishing the car’s elaborately designed interior, the project chugged slowly into a 2-year venture.

Hot Rod Heaven in the Texas Hill Country

March 18, 2015 Colton Danforth 0

Take a turn off of Highway 290 just southwest of Austin, Texas and drive out into the boonies until you’re sure you’re lost. Not far up a teeth-rattling dirt road that’s sure to test your suspension, popping out of the side of a cedar covered hilltop you might spot one of the most dedicated restoration shops in central Texas.

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