'53 Olds Runs Mexican Road Race

’53 Olds Runs Mexican Road Race

August 17, 2017 John Gunnell 0

Driving a big ‘53 Olds Super 88 sedan over Mexican roads at speeds up to 138 mph is no picnic, but Ed Gut’s car completed the LaCarrera Panamericana – an epic Mexican road race – revival four consecutive times between 1994 and 1997.

Big Daddy's Rolling Drag Museum

Big Daddy’s Rolling Drag Museum

July 26, 2017 John Gunnell 1

“Big Daddy” Don Garlits, the legendary drag racer, came to the Iola Car Show with a trailer loaded with books, T-shirts and other items to sell. He also brought along one of his famous “Swamp Rat” dragsters.

The Copper Kettle

The Copper Kettle

June 29, 2017 John Gunnell 0

Since it originally had a body formed out of copper, Hilbert Ermer, Sr.’s midget racing car was nicknamed the “Copper Kettle.”

Pint Sized Dragsters Rule!

Pint Sized Dragsters Rule!

May 24, 2017 John Gunnell 0

Dana Highland, Dave Beimfohr and Bob Churchill were at the Race & Performance Expo (www.raceperformanceexpo.com) because they are kids at heart. Actually, all three of these spark plugs in the Junior Drag Racing sport are adults who have the future of young drag racers in their hearts.

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