RacingJunk’s Summer Sound Off Competition

With Summer officially here and a lot of us stuck inside, we here at RacingJunk wanted to heat things up with a little competition: the “Racing Junk Summer Sound Off.”  No, we’re not looking for the next great musician, we’re looking for who’s got the greatest sounding engine! We miss the sound of carbs firing, exhaust belching, belts running, computers…causing unknown errors… oh wait, we don’t miss that. So, we’re challenging you to help all of us remember the REAL sounds of summer: the fire-up.

We want to put you head to head with other competitors to find the best-sounding engine out there. We’ll take the top 32 entries and set you guys head to head in a bracket-style tournament. Think you’ve got what it takes? 


Contestants must send in/post a video no longer than 1 minute in length of them starting up their car, along with 2-3 pics of the car, a description of the year, make, model, engine and transmission, and any mods or specifics that make the sound outstanding. We’d also love a little history of the car, if it’s got one.

How to Enter

You can enter in a few ways:

1) Fill out the Form: fill out the form below, using our dropbox link to share your photos and engine sounds. Be sure to scroll down. You can share a video file through that link, or upload your file to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc and share that link.


Entering Through Social Media

You can also enter with through Instagram by simply posting a video with the hashtag #RJSummerSoundOff. Please include the make/model/year and specs of the car in the video, along with 2-3 still photos.  To enter via Facebook, we will create a dedicated post you can upload to.

Best practices:

  • Please send include info on the car. (Year/Make/Model) Plus relevant engine & Exhaust info.
  • We’d like to hear some revs so cold starts are not recommended.
  • Contestants only have a minute so get right to the action!


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