Tubular Headers

Custom Headers are Totally Tubular Part 1

February 25, 2021 Wayne Scraba 0

In some car builds, the time comes when you realize there is no way on earth a stock, off-the-shelf header is going to fit. Sure, some can be persuaded to fit by way of modifications (hammer, bigger hammer, moving pipes, etc.), but there are many instances where that won’t even help. Or, the cost of the mods (moving pipes) is more than the cost of the headers.

Superchargers vs Turbochargers

Superchargers vs Turbochargers

August 4, 2017 Nicholas Hayato 0

It has long been debated which is better for your engine – superchargers or turbochargers? In the quest for more horsepower, bolting on a power adder is one of the fastest ways to increase the output of your engine. Which one should you choose?

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