RacingJunk’s New Year’s Resolutions

It is finally the New Year that everyone has been waiting for. The year that we are all hoping will bring an end to one of the most brutal years that many of us have ever seen. The one that will provide a fresh look forward to what will literally define our future is already drawing some pretty interesting resolutions from your friends here at    Beginning with yours truly. If I am being brutally honest with you, 2020 was more than a difficult year for me. While I am blessed that most of my family and friends have stayed healthy and completely virus free, I can honestly say that my writing dreams have taking a bit of a hit this year.

“The truth is, I love telling stories about those who make a difference, and in one of my favorite sports/businesses in the world, what a perfect combination. So, my resolution this year is to find more inspirational stories about those of you reading this as well as all of those involved in both the motorsports and automotive world.”

Ellen Richardson, RacingJunk Writer

As just your average inspiring writer, who hopes to live up to an incredible person like my wonderful editor Andreanna Ditton, I am so glad that she was willing to share her resolution to also make this site a better one in 2021.

“To continue to foster more articles and coverage from diverse voices, as well as covering more diverse racers, sanctioning bodies and events. Along with more live videos and events from the staff.”

Andreanna Ditton, Content Manager Auto Communities Group

Stay tuned for that video ask boys and girls!!

From one editor’s resolution to another. How many of you are familiar with our own Content Editor? This wonderful man has helped make so many of my articles look Amazing! He also has a similar passion as me…

“To support more small businesses and vendors in 2020.”
– Ralph Guerra, Content Editor

While some have some serious goals in mind for the New Year, there are those of us who also have some important hopes and dreams that mean a lot of support from each of us. This includes our very own Pin Up Queen Tonya Kay, whose resolution grabs this Behind The Wheel writer right where it matters.

“I resolve to stay hopeful this year. Hopeful that my treatments will continue to go smoothly and that I will heal from Cancer completely and hopeful that the arts are allowed to work again safely so that I can entertain again.”

Tonya Kay, Pinup Pole Show RacingJunk

We even caught up to another former Behind The Wheel guest. Drag racing star Lex Joon has been making waves in the drag racing world in the last few years and after going through some major setbacks in his life to get where he is today, he has some serious comeback story resolution advice for all of us.

“Most people know my glass is always half full, 2020 was a brutal year for most of us, the time has come to start moving things forward again, I’m a true believer in the idea that every setback does also open opportunities to better yourself and the world around you! As long as you believe this is true and you “only” have to find those opportunities things will come your way.  This is what is happening to me now. My wife Gerda and I immigrated here to the USA seven years ago and we started with one of the worst winters in decades and a government lockdown that lasted more than a week. Now we have to deal with a pandemic which has taken its toll, and 2021 for me is the start of seven good years, and I must say until now I had only good days since January 01 started.

So, my New Year’s resolutions are to GO AFTER IT! Show the world we can do this, keep building our race team so it’s ready for battle, keep building on our experience we brought with us.  To stay loyal to what we know and listen better to what my gut feeling is telling me. Keep expanding our motorsport program, we have some fantastic plans in the works for our team and marketing partners which will make the next seven years really good and special. Most important we #NeverQuit but we will always stay humble and kind!!”
Lex Joon, NHRA Superstar

So, now that you know our hopes and dreams for 2021, we want to hear from you. Give us a shout and don’t be afraid to open up.


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