Local Motors Launches Las Vegas Microfactory

Local Motors Las Vegas Microfactory

Local Motors, makers of the rugged Rally Fighter, recently debuted their Las Vegas microfactory with a fantastic party during SEMA week. Racing Junk was invited to partake in the festivities, celebrating an innovative, community-driven manufacturing facility focused on providing local transportation solutions.

A selection of Local Motors’ vehicles were on display, including the Rally Fighter, the all-electric Cruiser and the first example of the Racer, a Sportster based motorcycle built by the Del Prado brothers.

And in an “only in Las Vegas” moment, one of the party guests surprised everyone when he purchased the Racer by handing over a backpack filled with $19,000 in cash. Then the new owner proceeded to treat everyone to the glorious sound of the custom bike with plenty of revs and a standing burnout.

Congratulations to Local Motors on the opening of their new microfactory. We’re excited to see the growth of the LM community as they plan to open 100 microfactories in the next ten years.

Go HERE to learn more about Local Motors.

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