Lamborghini Made a Spotify Playlist Celebrating it’s Engine. What’s Yours?

Lamborghini’s have always sounded pretty incredible, whether its their naturally-aspirated V12 and V10 and the twin-turbo V8, but now they are putting together a soundtrack with three 24-track playlists available on Spotify including covers created by graphic designer Vasjen Katro. The Engine Songs is a curated collection by music producer Alex Trecarichi created in collaboration with Lamborghini’s sound engineers, delivering psychoacoustics and sensory immersion in the most complete and all-encompassing driving experience.

In The Engine Songs: Let’s Talk V12 video, Alex Trecarichi is joined by aerospace and sound engineer Mario Mautone, Lamborghini’s NVH Whole Vehicle Coordinator.

One of the aspects I pay attention to is the harshness of sound that sets Lamborghini apart,” explains Mautone, “It’s that raw, metallic echo which is then embodied in the psychoacoustic experience, the chemical and emotional response to the sound wave that our brains transform into positive emotions and memories. This is why I associate the sound of the V12 with that of a violin: the instrument par excellence of high notes, capable of a crescendo from loudness to sharpness, and quite similar to what is generated by the Lamborghini V12.”

Click here to listen to the playlist The Engine Songs: V12.

So we must ask, what songs would be on the soundtrack of your car!?

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  1. Arrrgggh, no apostrophe in headline’s (possessive form of) “its.” Always enjoy the articles (especially Annie Proffit’s!) & viewpoints.

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