John Force Returns to His Chevrolet Roots

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John Force Racing, Inc. and Chevrolet announced today that they will be joining forces to back the 18-time NHRA Funny Car championship team starting with the 2015 NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series season. The multi-year agreement will see all three John Force Racing Chevrolet Camaro Funny Cars adorned with the iconic gold bowtie as well as the JFR Top Fuel dragster.

“John Force is a champion and a legend both on and off the track, as a driver and as a team owner,” said Jim Campbell, Chevrolet Vice President for Performance Vehicles and Motorsports. “John Force is a racer’s racer and a fierce competitor, and we are excited to welcome John and his team back to Chevrolet.”

“It is great to be back with Chevrolet. I started my career in a Chevy and my plan is to keep racing with them for many years to come. This is a great American company and we are excited about the opportunities in front of us,” said John Force, CEO John Force Racing and 16-time Funny Car champion.

The first 60 starts of John Force’s illustrious career were behind the wheel of a Chevrolet product. From 1978-80 he raced a Corvette before switching to a Citation (1981-82), Camaro (1983-84), Corvette (1985), and then a Cavalier (1986). Force won the 1994 NHRA Funny Car championship racing a Chevy Lumina to a 50-8 record, 11 finals, 10 wins, and 12 No. 1 qualifiers.

“I won my first round of racing, went to my first final and got my first No. 1 in a Chevy. Since then I have won more rounds, races, championships than anyone in the sport. I have the record for most No. 1 qualifiers too and I can’t wait to get to the Winternationals and start adding to those records in a brand new Chevy,” added Force.

Chevrolet completed one of its most successful years in its motorsports history in 2014, earning five manufacturer and six driver championships in NHRA, NASCAR, IndyCar, United SportsCar Championship and World Challenge series.

In addition, Chevrolet drivers won several noteworthy races in 2014, including the NHRA U.S. Nationals in Pro Stock and Stock Eliminator classes, Daytona 500, Brickyard 400, IndyCar Dual in Detroit, and the 24 Hours of Daytona.

Photo Courtesy John Force Racing.

26 Comments on John Force Returns to His Chevrolet Roots

  1. Shame really. After over 70 years of building 98%+ of nothing but disposable, uninspired, basic “transportation”…Ford is perfect for racing cars. All they have to do is customize the crap out of the garbage they build so it doesn’t bear any resemblance to the mass produced junk they regurgitate to their clueless customers, And then it is only expected to last a couple times down the track before it is rebuilt or discarded. So like the majority of the cars they build, it is not expected to last much beyond the “warranties”. =/ Nice to have you back in real cars by a company that has been leading the way in power, reliability, creativity, design, and quality for well over the last 70+ years. Just because Henry had some bright ideas about the assembly line…does not mean that building cheap crap is the way to go. Although Ford & Walmart might argue that that business model sure sells a LOT of stuff. It certainly doesn’t make it the best “stuff”.

    • What???? You sound like you write obama’s bs. Granted Chevy is a great automobile as well as FORD and Dodge. The only thing Chevy had on the other two is they are 3 times cheaper to fix HMMMMMMMMM i guess the engineers knew the built something that wasn’t going to last so the parts are cheaper. If you can remove your head out of your butt long enough maybe you would figure this out. I will stick with Ford Chevy and Mopar once he goes to toyota, or honda im done with him.

      • Hey stevey…

        I believe you may want to take a close look at your surroundings and make sure you don’t have any rectal bleeding while you’re up there. 😉
        Sounds like the typical brainless response from a ford loving jacka** . Ford hasn’t built a decent car, let alone designed anything worth having since 1940. There’s a reason why it is known all the best fords are Chevy powered. Ford cuts corners and uses cheap crap that breaks, or will when you go to service it. I have owned more fords than most ford lovers. Have restored cars & collected for 30+ years. Owned more cars than most small towns (Over 3000 since I was 16 & currently own over 200.) So tell me all about your infinite experience on the subject. But gee…I’m betting I’ve had more experience than most you all of the above. But don’t get mad at me because ford sucks. They’re the ones that built that simple cheap crap for the last 70+ years. I’m just pointing to their body of work 😉

        • Movinginstereo, nice name so for the record I say your full of crap, ford hasnt made a good vehicle?? thats why they are the best selling truck in America, as a matter of fact I due have rectal bleeding from listening to asswipes like you. show me some of your 200 cars, I would really love to see them, 3000 cars so I take you own a junk yard. Listen you liberal shit sucking communist pig at Least FORD didnt take a bail out from the communist government, Chevy has had more recalls on their vehicle then Ford for the record, and they dont hide behind killing people because they didnt want to spend and extra dollar for an ignition switch. and yes by the way I do own a ford product a 55 merc with 750 real horse power and oh yeah a 67 Plymouth GTX in the resto stage, I dont need to own 200 vehicles I just want to own the best and as you owning more cars the a small town or towns where the hell do live in africa?? Oh yeah your from obamas neighborhood. You sir are full of shit you must be a junk collector or a used car salesmen. But Gee your more experienced at lying through your friggin teeth. John Forced messed up plain and simple. Dont worry bout me getting mad because Ford sucks because they dont and another thing for the record there Einstien it was Fords insite with the assembly line that helped my country win many wars when they had to convert to making equipment and suppliies for the war effort. Listen to your movinginstereo you liberal retard and keep wishing for change Chevrolet is a very good vehicle but dont come bashing Ford you mindless smuck it show how mentally challenged you are ass wipe. Government Motors, real nice. 3200 cars in thirty years yep junk yard worker. let me bow to your ulitmate wisdom could you be a nice guy and give me one of your chebbies mister, i would love to own a car for the future please oh please oh please. Get a life loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • LOL!
            I see you took the bait….
            First of all only a simple minded inbred piece of crap would believe the whole “”F series is the best selling truck” BS that ford puts out for trailer trash like yourself to buy hook line & sinker. Let me spell it out for you fordboy…It’s a marketing scam….Of course “F series” trucks sell more than any other truck lines you moron! Ford is the only company that classifies EVER piece of crap truck they build as an “F series”! No other company does that. So they count EVERY F150. F250, F350, F450, F550, F650, etc. as an “F series”.
            And here’s a simple concept…even though they sell a lot…does not mean they are building quality products… Or do you really think that Walmart is so successful because they just sell quality products?

            Keeping up so far???

            Second of all you small minded inbred koch brothers loving pile of crap…no.
            Chevy probably thinks it’s owners aren’t stupid enough that if the ignition switch shuts off they can’t control their vehicle. They probably think that if it happens, they can either restart it or operate a car that doesn’t have power steering or brakes long enough that they can actually put it in neutral and start it again.
            But whatever you do….just don’t drive one and you won’t have to multi task. There’s no point in hurting yourself.

            Third….(I hope this isn’t getting too confusing for a rush limpaugh listening simpleton like yourself with these big numbers…”)

            But try your best! I’ll go slowly for you…

            Now I have no idea why you are bringing politics into this discussion, but I got no problem discussing that while we are here…Contrary to the koolaid you’ve been drinking…President Obama is not a Socialist or a Communist either one. Read a book, or at least look up the definitions smartboy. He is however a President of the People and not bought and paid for like your idols. Which makes him the best President this country has had in years…
            Unlike your undoubted wet dream posterboy “duhbya” that with the help of his big oil buddies. Allowing them to suck our economy dry through our gas tanks …all the while crowing about their “Record Profits!” “Record Profits!” “Record Profits!” while running our country completely into the ground, Causing Record Business Failures, Record Foreclosures, Record Unemployment, Record Homelessness, Record Numbers of US Citizens of Welfare, Record Deficits. Bringing the middle class that hold up our nation to their knees and nearly destroying our way of life. So the super rich got richer and the rest of us suffered.
            And then “duhbya” used a criminal attack on our countries soil as an excuse to further his own financial benefits and those of his administration & his big oil buddies to bury our country and our military men & women in a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 and caused the deaths & maiming of how many of those military men and women, let alone countless innocent civilians in the countries we were occupying & then he walked away with that stupid grin on his face while the rest of us were left picking up the pieces of our nation.
            Now in 6 short years with Obama at the controls, with NO help from the conservatives that rather than do what’s best for their country and represent the people they were sent to represent….have fought him on anything he has tried to do.
            Including helping out some of the companies that were hardest hit by the recession like GM & Chrysler. So what? You think we should have let all those people lose their jobs? LOL! Yeah…sounds like you are a perfect conservative drone.
            So sorry to burst your bubble, but Obama has actually not only stopped the majority of the bleeding caused by your guy, but actually turned things around enough that the economy is not only better, but Wall Street is at new highs, gas prices at the lowest we’ve seen since bush, small businesses are coming back, the deficit is way down, consumer confidence is steadily rising, unemployment is the lowest it’s been in 8 years, and the list just goes on and on.
            Must really make the gop pigs that buried us writhe in their own crap.
            Fourth… (That’s the number after 3…)
            I don’t own a scrap yard. Never have. I don’t scrap cars. I restore them you illiterate loser.

            But since arguing with the brain dead is a complete waste of time…I will simply say…
            Go have some more koolaid. It appears that you enjoy gorging yourself on the BS vomitous mixture that you are being spoon fed by the “right”. You probably need to wash it down with something.
            And finally…yes. Your nazi loving Henry fords company actually hasn’t built an all around good car since Henry lost control of his company in 1941.
            My Chebbies stay with me.
            But thanks anyway for opening up and showing us who you really are fordboy.
            Looks like you’ve made a history of picking the losing horses.
            And I’ll say it again…Nice to have John back with GM where he started.

          • Well i can see you can count at least, as far as gas prices your dear communist in chief said that Gas at $4.00 a gallon is good for the economy, GM obama did what was good for the workers??? the executives got millions in bonuses, Hmmmmm the great worker at GM got screwed, just like your children and grandchildren because obama wants to give stuff to people that don’t want to work for a living, he is causing civil unrest in america does not salute marine 1 when he gets his sorry ass off Air force one or Marine One., lets terroists out of prison that inturn kill innnocent people, behead them like they are some kind of animal. Let our American ambassador get drug out of the compound and tortured and killed like some piece of crap, has spent more money in the past 6 years then every president combined in American history, he is letting the treasury print money faster then ever making the American dollars worth .43, has made America the laughing stock of world. He is about as American as you are. Your not worth the time to continue to talk to your an idiot. When you are greeted by the government to hand over your guns so you cant protect yourself you will see how great he is. Thanks for the photos it proves you are a liar, you have common sense of a piss ant, you are loyal to our country as much as obama is American. Bring one of your restored cars to the track and I will show you what a piece of shit ford can do to your little pride and joy, oh but please take it off the flat bed first. you cant count to 3200 let alone restore that many cars. get your hands out of your pants the Ed Bundy.

          • I’m sorry. I see you replied and you’ve gone on something about more typical paranoid delusional stuff like Obama taking our guns….or some such BS. But the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. And well, I’m not insane. So bothering to read your stupidity, seems ill advised.
            You have already shown you’re an idiot. I need no further proof.
            Go spout your paranoid delusional stuff somewhere where people with little or no brain activity believes this crap.
            And I’ll tell you what….if Obama comes for my guns….I’ll find this post and come personally apologize to you and say you were right!
            But here’s a little spoiler alert for you….I won’t be back. It’s not going to happen.
            And when it doesn’t….maybe you will realize that the BS that you have bought into by faux news, the same faux news that is largely owned by a Saudi who has publicly stated that a stable US is bad for his business….was carefully crafted to manipulate the minds of easily manipulated, paranoid & delusional people such as yourself.
            You are exactly the kind of simple minded delusional sheep that Saudi Prince was praying for.
            Way to go!

          • OK I will ask one more time send us some pictures of your two hundred cars you own, send me proof our deficit is the lowest in years, we are 16 trillion dollars in debt, you are definetly clueless. I guess you believe isis is not a terroist group, and you believe that cow flatulence is causing global warming, I bet you believe we are better off today then we were 7 years ago, I bet you believe Clinton did not have sex with that women. I bet you believe it is ok to turn your back on Israel, I bet you believe it ok to turn your back on our military. I bet you believe it ok to kill un born children instead of teaching your daughter to keep herself pure until marriage. I bet you believe it’s ok to remove the 2nd amendment from our Constitution , I bet you believe it’s ok to let social misjustice an let people come into our country without going through the proper legal procedures. I bet you believe it ok for men to marry men, I bet you believe being a child molester is socialy acceptable. I can only apologize to you for not agreeing with your communistic way of thinking. I still think John Force made a mistake going back to chevy but he is a top knotch racer, owner and I still think that you, sir are a liar about all your automobiles. You come to a site and spew your moronic BS and expect someone not to reply confirms this. I respect all of the American Auto makers, I also respect someone that speaks truth in which in this case I do not think that you have been straight forward, if you think that Henry Ford was a communist this is your right I think he was a German Imigrant that came to America the same as Mr. Louis Chevrolet came from switzerland I believe and Mr. William Durant. which I believe was one of the backers of this company they were set in the ways they brought with them from their countrys, we can stop all this BS just send a few pictures of your cars, for one I love to look at old cars and I would love to see your great restoration work. Thanks so much and God Bless you.

          • Once again moron…I’m not going to waste time bothering to explain myself to an idiot. Or apparently now 2. The second one apparently named by his inbred first cousin parents after a “sound” one hears in the leafs…? Very inspiring. But I will show you a quick pic of the titles I have here. Only 102. But I think you’re right. I don’t think I have 200 cars. Because more of my titles are at my storage facility And I have 102 here. So I must actually be over 200 currently. Plus…I bought 2 more today…So you may be right. Looks like I have gone over 200 again. 😉

          • Just as I figured your a junk yard. and if the firebird is something you restored I can see why you might have 200 plus cars. Shows your really not honest. Enough with your BS. Go try to impress someone else because dis embred not buyun what u be selling masta. but u hab fun in the attic u spend yo time in do. piece to u. 😉

          • Please tell me you didn’t put a blower scoop on a normally aspirated car. If there is no supercharger then change that ugly ass scoop. BTW I have a couple Ford powered cars that will make those three of yours pee themselves. They are shelby cobra replicas, and no, they are NOT Mustangs. I also have TWO Mustang Cobras, 93 and 96, never been recalled, bet you wish you could say the same. Also, Ford did NOT take a bailout like chivy and dodge did, oops sorry, like gm and fiat did.

          • Hi Marty!
            It’s weird, but I don’t recall telling you anything. But now I will. A. The RS has dual quads on a tunnel ram over a built 454.
            B. I have no idea what yours may or may not be leaking to make you think that cars do….but my cars don’t urinate.
            C. I’m sorry you are butthurt that people feel your cheeseball fomoco products are complete crap, but the mere fact that you don’t realize that shows me how little you know about cars.
            D. Being a stock ZO6 can do 198mph & mine is not stock and can clear 200mph. And given the fact that the car is built by GM to do just that, I chuckle at your stupidity when you think that a car that is built to copy a car that was designed using 50 year old technology and design is even in the same universe when it comes to quality, technology, handling, stability, or anything else for that matter. Sorry. But I expect more from my cars that for them to go fast a few times in a straight line. Which, if you understood anything about the differences between the histories of the 2 companies, you wouldn’t be picking cute little secretary’s cars & sweet looking old classics designed by a talented man who unfortunately chose the wrong horse.
            E. I could care less if the factory finds ways to improve their products after they leave the assembly line and has enough integrity to actually upgrade their customers cars after the sale. That’s called good customer service.
            Now if we could just convince ford to recall all they POS’s, give the people their money back and crush the poor unfortunate machines…then we’d see progress!
            I’m sure your “replycars” are wonderful. I’m glad you are own them & are happy with them.
            Because I would just find some ignorant person to buy they if I had them and buy something worthwhile. Something GM.

  2. The ONLY thing Chevrolet in/on the entire car, is the Bow Tie………….rest is completely custom built for one purpose. Car doesn’t even come close to resembling the production cars, The Bow Tie is for paying the bills, that’s all. Absolutely NO Ford/Dodge/Chevrolet direct manufacturers competition….how could there be, when there’s NOTHING in or on the cars that comes from any of the big 3. Drag racing is becoming as boring with cookie cutter cars as NASCAR……ho-hum !!!!

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