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Having the right carburetor can be the difference between winning the race and coming up short. You want to make sure you’ve got the best carb for the job, or you’ll be left in the dust on the strip.

JET Performance Products started out as an engine building and carburetor shop that specialized in Drag Racing applications 47 years ago. The company continued to grow over the next several years, and it became the “go to” place if you wanted a carburetor tuned right or one that would win you races. The company has now developed a huge array of products that fit over 40,000 applications and continue to release new products to improve the performance of today’s cars and trucks each year.

In this video, Dan from JET Performance Products gives us a closer look at JET’s Carburetors. Their specialty Carburetor is the Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor. They’re used for a number of different applications, as well as big blocks, marine applications, etc. They can design their carburetors custom for exactly what your vehicle needs, all the way from full-stock to street-to-strip versions.

Some of the great features of JET Carburetors is that they’ve got an adjustable part throttle so you can adjust it without having to pop of the top. If you’ve got a special car with matching numbers, you can send your car to JET and they do full restorations that will get your car back to you at better-than-new quality. Hard to believe? Just look at the company’s track record!

For your raised car, they’ve got a 2G Carb. These are good for circle track racing, dirt, and more. It’ll pass any gauge test thrown its way and will push you further to get you the win you’re looking for.

Whether you’re looking to get the most out of your classic beauty or you need more edge on the strip, JET Carburetors will help you get there. They build some of the fastest and most reliable street carburetors around, and that’s important when you’re completing or modifying your build.

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