Holley LS Fest East 2022 Happening Now

It’s that time of year again — the time to gather your friends, family, dogs and kegs and head out to Bowling Green, Kentucky for the event that started it all: Holley’s LS Fest. Now called LS Fest East (to distinguish it from LS Fest West in Las Vegas, NV and the new LS Fest Texas in Fort Worth, TX) the OG celebration of everything related to GMs original LS engine is happening September 9-11, 2022. And from what we can tell, according to the Facebook group, it’s full of campers, racers, and fans already.

This year, in addition to the drag racing, car show, AutoCross, drifting, dyno and power challenges, country cruise, and drifting that make up an LS Fest, Holley is welcoming an off-road experience to the line-up. From the Holley site:

Prepare to destroy some dirt! LS engines power off road rigs of all types and this year’s LS Fest East is taking the show off-road! Track builder John Goodby of Nor Cal Rock Racing, best known for building the off-road short course at King of the Hammers will be tearing up a section of dirt at Beech Bend Raceway and building out an off-road course for both participants and spectators to enjoy!

Bring out your LS Powered off-road vehicle to play in the dirt at the all-new LS Fest Off-Road Experience! There will be two different styles of courses – one short course for Ultra 4/Pro 2 style race vehicles to air it out and a slower more technical obstacle course for more of your everyday off-road style vehicle.  Any vehicle can try either course however!

Sounds like a party to us, and we can’t wait to see how some of those high-priced builds do on the off-road course. Because if anything defines the LS-crowd, it’s the “here, hold my beer, my vehicle can do that” mentality that causes them to drop an LS motor into literally anything. And it’s why we love them.

So, with that said, we’ll be eagerly waiting for the time trials, the epic builds, the challenge winners and those who dare to take a low-riding muscle car over a hill of dirt, where no muscle car has gone before.



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