How to Tune Your Holley Carb: The Basics Part III

Thunderhead Holley Holley Carburetor Basics Part III

In part three of this video series by Luke Finley (Youtube user Thunderhead289), we learn even more about carb tuning basics. This video focuses specifically on proper carburetor jetting, which is a great thing for both beginners and seasoned veterans to learn about.

Finley takes users through looking up the stock jetting, setting the carb back to stock, regulating fuel pressure and the importance of having a regulator near the carb, the effect of higher and lower pressure on your jetting, accessing the jetting, and more.

Thunderhead Holley Carburetor BasicsFinley suggests checking altitude first once the jetting is returned to stock. The altitude is usually set at sea level. For every 700-1000 feet gain, he suggests jetting the carb down to accommodate an increase in altitude to maximize the air/fuel mix.  The goal is to increase the oxygen molecules.  It’s also important to take air temp into consideration.  For every 20 degree increase in temp, he also suggests jetting down the carb or it’ll be running to rich.

For more info, watch the video! Thanks to Luke for letting us share!

Check out Parts I and II of this video series here.

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