Great GM Moments from the 2022 Carlile GM Nationals

With 1,148 show cars and trucks on the National Parts Depot Showfield at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds June 24-25, the 2022 iteration of the Carlisle GM Nationals became one the top 5 GM Nationals Showfield offerings of all time dating back to the show’s inception in 2001. With special displays, parts vendors, seminars, activities, and more, there was something for everyone. Whether the biggest draw was the Featured Display cars or those who were part of the general display is debatable, what’s undeniable is the fun and excitement that everyone had while at the event.

Gates opened at 7 a.m. each day and one of THE first things guests did was visit the automotive flea market and the midway. After all, the early bird gets the worm, or parts in this case, at Carlisle. From there, it was a pass-through Buildings T and Y, the two Featured Display buildings. Along the way, showgoers experienced a vast mix of rare and unique builds in the Solid Lifter Show Room, 40 Years of the 3rd Gens, 60 Years of the Nova and Chevy II, and more. Trucks even shared a piece of the spotlight as 40 Years of the S10 were also recognized. In addition, two “shows within the show” brought Novas and Corvettes to Carlisle as part of the Nova Nationals and Corvettes for Chip respectively.

Displays also welcomed special guests in some cases. For the 3rd Gens, ambassadors Phil Borris, Gale Mains, and Dan Edwards held court, not only with their special display cars, but general knowledge on the car and seminars too. Borris’ 3rd Gen stood front and center on a retro Chevrolet display as it was the LAST 3rd Gen to ever roll off the assembly line at the Norwood plant. Other stars of the display included Kyle Tucker of Detroit Speed fame’s DSE-Z Camaro, a few Players Camaros from Canada, Firehawks, and GM’s 1991 SEMA show car built by head of GM Specialty Vehicles Group Jon Moss. This car is special because it’s the only non-Corvette to be factory equipped with an LT5 dual overhead cam ZR-1 engine.

As is the case at Carlisle, these cars don’t just show, they go and make the kind of noise that everyone wants to hear. UMI Performance had their cars on the track offering autocross rides, the Cumberland Valley Corvette Club supported open autocross runs and the real street shootout, plus there was a rolling exhaust contest, and all new, rolling exhaust and burnouts presented by Atturo Tires. The 3rd Gens also paraded around the grounds, including some from the Building T display, much to the delight of everyone at Carlisle.

From awards to seminars, charity elements, competitions and cool cars and trucks, the 2022 Carlisle GM Nationals had it all! Save the date because the 2023 Carlisle GM Nationals returns to the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds June 23-24. Planned special display themes include the 40th Anniversary of the Pontiac Fiero, Buick Regal 50th Anniversary, 4th Gen Camaro and Firebird 30th Anniversary celebration, 120 Years of the Buick Motor Company, and a Malaise Era Display. For details on this event or to check out the winner’s list and photos visit


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