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Jiffy-tite is an OEM supplier of fluid connection systems for the automotive industry and is the OEM’s choice for plumbing connections on brands all over the world. These small, essential components link fluid lines with their containers – radiators, transmissions, etc via an easily removed coupler. Used in a regular vehicle, the coupler is a series convenience. In a race car or on a performance vehicles, they’re often a blessing, saving time and energy in high pressure circumstances.  The Burnout checked in with Duane LaFleur, Motorsports Manager , to talk about what’s new for Jiffy-tite this year.

The Burnout: What are the new products that you’re going to be focusing on in 2015?

Duane LaFleur: Jiffy-tite is proud to release the “New Pro-Compact Series” Quick Connect Fluid Fittings.

The Burnout: How have these connectors evolved? What are the benefits?

 Duane LaFleur: Our customers have asked us for a more compact sized connector to fit into smaller spaces but still offer the same benefits as our quick connects. That is how the Pro-Compact Series evolved.

The Pro-Compact Series offers the same size fittings as the standard AN fittings on the market, but in quick-connect form. Just like our valved line, the quick-connect technology in our Pro-Compact Series connects and disconnects in seconds with no tools. Other benefits include no stripping, cross threading, over tightening, or forgetting to tighten.

The Burnout:  What race vehicles or series vehicles are the connectors on?
Duane LaFleur: We have tested our Pro-Compact Series connectors on different types of race cars to validate them before we released them. Our current valved Quick Connect fittings are on all forms of race cars, military vehicles and even some production vehicles.

The Burnout: What is the next stage of development for this line or series?

Duane LaFleur: Right now we are working on building our inventory so that when we release the Pro-Compact Series we are able to service our customers.

Innovation is a great thing for our industry. We need to keep coming up with new products and new ideas to continue growing. Once you stop creating new products the industry stops growing. The performance market is a growing market and that is a great thing for everyone involved.
The Burnout: What’s your favorite thing to go fast in?
Duane LaFleur: I am into drag racing. I own a 1968 Camaro Roadster built by Race-Tech and race in NHRA Super Gas and Super Comp category. We have a 588 cubic inch Bog Block Chevy that makes 1148 hp. This is what I do to unwind have a little fun. It is a great test bed for our product line and an even better marketing tool for our quick connect fluid fittings.

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