Five Gems from this September’s Carlisle Auctions!

From Sept. 28-30, a stunning list of classic American muscle cars, cruisers and European collector cars will be up for auction at the Carlisle Auctions in Carlisle, PA. Among the gorgeous machines are classic Camaros, pristine Mustangs, Devilles, and Skylarks, just to name a few. The list is lengthy, and the quality consistently high. Any automotive enthusiast above the age of 40 is bound to spend a few moments gazing in awe at some of the immaculate machinery on display here. Let’s take a gander at some of the selection –


1956 Ford Thunderbird

Five Gems from this September's Carlisle Auctions!


Painted a brilliant Peacock Blue, this taste of Americana comes with new chrome and stainless all-around. The real appeal of this machine is its history, however. The Thunderbird was released as a personal car, which loosely translated to “moderately quick luxury automobile with sporting pretensions.” It was by no means a racer, nor a plush estate, but something that occupied the space between the two, and leaned towards the comfier end of the spectrum.


This car was also a forebear to the luxury grand tourer, and it used the optional 312 c.i., Y-block V8 making a punchy 225 horsepower – enough to carry the car to 120 mph. With this car outfitted in lily white leather, it’s certain to be a pleasure to drive on long summer cruises.


1960 Willys Jeep

Five Gems from this September's Carlisle Auctions!


This iconic, snub-nosed workhorse is painted a brilliant copper and uses a sumptuous black-and-tan interior to give it some taste and flair. No mere farm vehicle, the Willys Jeep was a former WWII transporter which became the first mass-produced four-wheel drive vehicle.


This immaculate machine come with a three-speed transmission and a rare overdrive, helping the little four-cylinder powerplant’s economy somewhat. With only 45,000 original miles on the clock, it’s certain this will fetch a pretty penny.


Fire-Breathing, 1986 Buick Grand National

Five Gems from this September's Carlisle Auctions!


While the original Grand National was available in black and grey and used Buick’s tested 3.8-liter, turbo V6, this car abides by none of those rules. Instead, a 540 c.i Chevy V8 sits in the bay, adorned by two massive Garrett turbochargers. It also flouts convention with its bright orange paint scheme. On pump gas, this rocket makes 1,200 horsepower and is good for an eight-second quarter-mile.


In 1987, the GNX version of the Grand National outpaced the Ferrari F40 and Porsche 930 by running a quarter mile time of 12.7 seconds at 113.1 mph! It’s fair to assume this car, with $160,000 invested, could make a mockery of all three!


1955 Mercedes-Benz 190SL

Five Gems from this September's Carlisle Auctions!


Perhaps one of the most glamorous cars of all time, this machine screams Hugh Hefner, smoking jacket, and bunnies on either side. Decked out in a luxuriant white with blazing red interior, there’s little subtle about this machine – and there shouldn’t be. Turning heads is a cinch with a classy conversation piece like this.


Though the black convertible fabric top is the more elegant choice, the car comes with a color-correct hardtop for rainy days. A four-speed transmission is linked to the 1.9-liter, four-cylinder engine making a stout 104 horsepower and 105 lb/ft of torque. Not much by today’s standards, but back in the fifties, this power was enough to deem the car a “sports luxury tourer,” which slightly neglects the timeless zest a gem like this offers.


1966 Pontiac GTO

Five Gems from this September's Carlisle Auctions!


Among this crowd, it’s doubtful a car like this needs much introduction, but this pristine GTO embodies all that is desirable about the classic muscle car.

This ’66 car was the first year the GTO was branded its own model, and not merely a quicker version of the Tempest. With rare louvered taillights, this car evokes images of hot rodding in a 1960s Los Angeles. With a 400 c.i motor making 360 horsepower mated to a four-speed manual, it won’t be hard to find one’s inner teenager when matting the throttle.


Whether bidding or just drooling, there’s still time to break out the checkbook (or the bib) and attend the Carlise Auctions. To view more of the classic machinery on auction, take a look at their inventory here.


Happy bidding!

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