Expedition SEMA Hits the Trail!

Expedition SEMA Hits the Trail!


After 11 long months of planning, mapping and a complete vehicle build, The Garage Shop owner and driver Aaron Brown and his trusted navigator Ed Goff, owner of Goff Metal Fab, hit the trails early in the morning of Oct. 5, 2016 for an epic 4,000 mile journey: Expedition SEMA!

The two seasoned racers and fabricators will complete the journey in a fully rebuilt 1970 Toyota FJ-40 Land Cruiser dubbed the ‘Trail Rat.’ Expedition SEMA travels across the country via the Trans America Trail, a transcontinental route originally designed for Dual Sport and Adventure Bike motorcycles. Starting in North Carolina, the Trans America Trail is a rough combination of 4×4 trails, dirt roads, logging roads, fire roads and an occasional back road. In Moab Utah the team will head north to Jarbidge NV, then south to Las Vegas, hitting legendary offroad trails and desert tracks along the way.

Follow Along: Expedition SEMA will be posting Daily Trip Reports to the The Garage Shop Facebook page. Search #ExpeditionSEMA for content.

Magellan eXplorist TRX Off-Road GPS Navigation: Expedition SEMA will utilize the new TRX Off-Road GPS, which has exciting, unique new capabilities like crowd-sourcing trail maps, 3D mapping, and social sharing via Twitter #ExpeditionSEMA. For those not on Twitter, look for map and trail updates on Facebook. Once the journey is complete, the previously unmapped leg from Moab Utah to Las Vegas will be available to the public.

Meet Expedition SEMA: Meet and greet with Expedition SEMA as they finish their journey, Saturday Oct. 29 at the Pioneer saloon 310 W Spring Street, Goodsprings, NV 89019. 4X4 capable vehicles are welcome and encouraged to join Expedition SEMA after the meet and greet to hit the dirt trails back to Las Vegas.

Expedition SEMA is a solo journey; the team has no backup or chase crew. Aaron and Ed are on their own and will carry all tools and supplies necessary to survive. “We have a passion for overland expedition driving, but to do this successfully, we have to have the best, most reliable products on the market,” said Aaron Brown, owner of The Garage Shop. With world-class manufacturers as marketing partners, Expedition SEMA has the confidence to complete the 4,000 mile solo trip in the 1970 Toyota FJ-40 Trail Rat.


Expedition SEMA Hits the Trail!

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