DIY Carbon Fiber Styling from Dupli-Color

Dupli-Color Carbon Fiber Kit

Carbon fiber has become very popular among racers due to its lightness and strength, but real carbon fiber components don’t come cheap.

For those just interested in aesthetics, you can get the same carbon fiber look in your own garage with Dupli-Color’s spray-on carbon fiber kit.

Check out this how-to video from Dupli-Color:

See more of Dupli-Color’s products on their official website:

1 Comment on DIY Carbon Fiber Styling from Dupli-Color

  1. We’ve watched the video several times and we both like this fuax treatment. You’re so true about the warping of products doesn’t come cheap. Several wrap company we’ve approached about half wrapping our 015 TransCon, Have bailed. The last quote we received was $800.00 just to do both the left and right sides of the van. This included the upper sliders and rear cargo blanks.. I suggested at that price, the wrap company should do the whole van. Our intentions are to test several other colors as the base coat on different surfaces, preferably a dark blue, magnesium blue color or even a chameleon

    Here’s a projected photoshopper outcome. Note the dark area which looks like an extension of the side windows. This is where Dupli-color’s fuax carbon fiber would be sprayed. The rear lift gate, would also receive the fuax carbon fiber treatment..

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