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Choosing the right suspension package for your drag car is incredibly important to make sure it runs the way you want it to. BMR Suspension’s drag race suspension package for the 2010-2015 Chevy Camaro has seen consistent 60-foot time in the 1.20-second zone with both customer cars and their 2010 Camaro test car.

BMR Suspension offers suspension, chassis, and drivetrain products for over 16 different vehicles. They are the leading suspension manufacturer in many market segments. Whether you are interested in street performance, hard-core drag racing, or handling applications, BMR Suspension has the components that you need. All products are made in the USA. The products fit and work so well because they are street driven and track tested on BMR project vehicles before they make their way to you. Their love of racing is demonstrated every day in their customer service, design innovation, and manufacturing quality.

In this video from BMR Suspension, we learn all about the DRP007 drag race suspension package and BCP001 15-inch wheel conversion kit for the 2010-2015 Camaro.

With the power of an LS engine, you need a suspension that will keep that power low and keep you on the ground if you want to get a quick run down the strip. These two packages combined ensure that you will keep all of your power on the ground.

BMR Suspension designed these packages to maximize the potential of 5th gen Camaros independent rear suspension. The suspension package consists of lower control arms, trailing arms, and a coil over conversion kit. The lower adjustable control arms  are designed to allow for loads of strength and it will clear it and have heavy duty double sway bar mounts. Of course, the included parts will vary depending on the exact package you choose.

These kits give you tons of adjustability, allowing you to dial in your rear suspension for any power level or track condition. If you’re a hardcore drag racer, or just want to take advantage of the wide selection of available 15″ wheels and  tires, there are brake packages to help you do so.

These kits include modified rear spindles, rotors, modified cats, calipers, brake pads, stainless hoses, and all the necessary hardware to assemble the kit.

BMR’s modified spindles are designed to accept the lower brake kit and the rubber bushings are removed in favor of spherical bearing replacements. This eliminates bushing deflection, which helps reduce wheel hop and increase launch consistency.

These kits reduce not just weight, but unsprung and rotational weight. With the combination of parts from these kits, BMR has been able to cut down multiple 60-foot times in the 1.2-second range.

Getting that kind of power to keep you low enough to the ground to give you an ideal starting position on the track is important. BMR offers multiple kits that, when combined, will get you the most out of your 5th gen Camaro.

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