Nine Lives – Part 3

January 1, 2015 Wayne Scraba 0

Part and parcel of the 9-inch Ford is a removable pinion support. As we pointed out in our original installment, Ford used a special “Daytona” support on their high horsepower cars. Today, those old Daytona pinion supports aren’t exactly easy to locate, and besides, there are plenty of better options.

Nine Lives – Part 2

December 24, 2014 Wayne Scraba 0

Drag Race 101: In the last issue, we looked at the basics of 9-inch Ford cases. This time around, we’ll concentrate on the carrier. There’s plenty of choice here for the drag racer (full time or street strip).

Wheels and Tires From Street to Strip – Part III

October 16, 2014 Wayne Scraba 0

Our drag race and street-strip wheel and tire series rolls on. This time we’ll look at the rubber part of the equation. Years ago, slicks ruled the roost in terms of drag race tires. You wanted to race? You ran slicks. But today, many popular racing categories mandate radial tires.

Wheels and Tires From Street to Strip – Part II

October 9, 2014 Wayne Scraba 0

In Part I we looked at wheel weights. And while weight is critical, something else is hugely important for wheel performance – wheel offset. The industry is filled with virtually any combination of wheels with specific standard or custom backspace dimensions. So what’s right for your car?

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