What’s That Smell in My Ford Truck?

Ford Truck engine

If you’re noticing a burning smell in your Ford truck, it could be hard to locate the source of the smell, or even to know where to start looking.  This How-To video by the Ford Truck Enthusiasts gives you a few ideas of where the smell might be coming from and how to determine which spot the problem is in.

Different mechanical failures can result in different types of “burning” smells, and it’s important to be able to diagnose the issue.  Some problems like burning oil followed by heat and smoke, are considered an immediate hazard.  Others, like the smell of plastic burning through your A/C, are less disastrous, but should still be taken care of.

Some of the possible diagnosis that they suggest are brake calipers sticking, burning oil, running out of certain fluids, a clogged catalytic converter, and a worn out serpentine/drive belt.  Click here to read more in-depth about how to solve these possible issues.

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