[Video] The Dodge Demon Will Hit 60 in 2.3 Seconds!

This video comes to us from The Fast Lane Car who’s channel specializes in car reviews. Roman Mica, one of the hosts of The Fast Lane Car headed to Indianapolis Indiana and met with Jim Wilder, the vehicle development manager for the Challenger SRT program, to show off what makes the Demon so special.  The most mind numbing stat about the Demon is it’s 0-60 time of just 2.3 seconds. Check out the video below.

9 Comments on [Video] The Dodge Demon Will Hit 60 in 2.3 Seconds!

  1. Nice, but the Cobra Jet Mustang will do 0-60 in 1.52 seconds, so the Demon is NOT the “World’s Fastest. 🙂

    • NOT a chance.!!! When the FACTS ARE IN PRINT, from NHRA or another
      REAL sanctionaning originazition, then and ONLY THEN, it would be believable.

    • Cobra jet is also not street legal. Plenty of non street legal cars are faster, what makes it special is that it can be driven anywhere, with warranty and a/c and amenities, oh and did we mention the warranty.

      • Yes, I am aware of that, BUT they never specified “street legal” in their article. There are plenty of “street legal” cars that can do the same or better and let’s just see someone try to use that “warranty.” Always read the fine print.
        I love the Demon, but they are making false claims.

        • They don’t have to specify “street legal” it is implied, if you want to push your example of a Cobra jet to it’s natural conclusion why don’t you compare it’s 60 time to a Top Fuel Dragster? Or just a simple “door car” that you can buy or build for far less than your Cobra Jet (a car I love BTW) yet can put down a LOT faster times than a comparably overweight & overpriced car like the CJ that is built to run in a specific class? All three of those cars have to be towed to and from the track, why stop with something as “slow” as the CJ in this example? The Demon is built to run on the street but still be crazy fast on the strip, with no trailer required. The Demon does have an incredible 0-60 time as well as 1/4 time and yes you can use the warranty, if not then show me a case when you have been denied warranty on your Hellcat or Demon. I would also love to hear your examples of “street legal” cars that can do the same or better that you can buy in a dealership with a warranty.

          • Look it up for yourself. I’m not doing your research for you.
            Is “buy in a dealership with a warranty” all you’ve got? We will see how that plays out once these things hit the streets.
            Don’t twist my words, read what I said again. I never said anything about “street legal, or buying in a dealership or warranty.” I just said “street legal.”
            Just wait and see how it plays out, then you can come back here and we’ll discuss it further. If I’m wrong I will freely admit it.
            Like I said, I love the Demon, but I don’t believe all of their claims just because they said so. I’m most interested in seeing if Ford and Chevrolet try to one up them at this point. These horsepower wars are good for the buyers without a doubt and hopefully this is just the beginning.

          • So back to your original point, In your words “Nice, but the Cobra Jet Mustang will do 0-60 in 1.52 seconds, so the Demon is NOT the “World’s Fastest. :)” Your implying that the Cobra Jet is the fastest 0-60 car in the world, Sorry but Top Fuel Dragsters do 0-60 in roughly 1/2 a second so your very first point is out the window.

            I am well aware of fine print, I handled warranty claims for a large heavy equipment manufacturer for 3 years, I am fully aware of how warranty works & if you are not getting a legitimate breakage repaired then you need to contact your dealers rep.

            If you actually watched the video you would understand that THIS VIDEO is are talking about street legal production cars, Roman actually says it when discussing the CERTIFIED WORLD RECORD that this car set you don’t even have to get one minute into the video dude, NOT Cobra Jets, not Pro-Mods not Formula 1 cars not anything else just production cars.

          • No, I am NOT implying that it is the world’s fastest. Are you stupid or something? Quit trying to put words in my mouth, I know what I said. It is one of the world’s fastest factory built “production” cars, not sure how fast the COPO is.
            Yeah, yeah, yeah, you know it all I’m sure.
            Go argue with someone else, I’m through talking to you about this.
            Have a nice day.

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