[Video] Mad Max Fury Road – Without Digital Effects

“Mad Max: Fury Road” is a fun, fast-moving action movie with plenty of vehicular mayhem, an engaging plot, and a great score that keeps the adrenaline pumping. One reason it has such a visceral impact might be that many of the special effects are created physically, rather than digitally. While computer graphics have been responsible for some amazing visuals over the last few decades, and are progressing in realism at an exponential rate, they still can’t quite measure up to the effect of actually setting a real truck on fire!

This video shows some of the most exciting scenes in the film WITHOUT the computer-generated special effects, demonstrating just how visceral the movie was, and how exhilarating the rush of vehicles across a landscape really can be.  (And how crazy director George Miller had to be in order to enact this vision on screen and get everyone to buy in to it!)

Of course, we’re race fans. We already knew that an engine at speed is a hell of a thing!


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