UAW Rejects Ford Proposal, Ready for Strike

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It’s been the summer of strikes as labor unions across the country, from nurses to Writers Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild members to name just a few, face off against corporations for fair wages, better working conditions, and the ability to control their own fates. Now, the Big Three Detroit auto makers are looking at a similar situation in the face as the United Autoworkers Union continues to reject proposals from Ford, GM and Stellantis.

Ford released a statement this morning from Jim Farley, president and CEO, Ford Motor Company , “The Ford team continues to put 100% of our energy into reaching an agreement with the UAW that rewards our valued employees and allows the company to invest in the future. If there is a strike, it’s not because Ford didn’t make a great offer. We have and that’s what we can control.

In fact, we have put four offers on the table starting Aug. 29 and each one has been increasingly generous. We still have not received any genuine counteroffer. ”

The UAW is requesting a 36% wage increase over the life of a four-year contract ( down from the initial 40% requested), along with cost of living adjustments and the end of the tiered-wage system. If the offer isn’t met or an agreement reached, they have proposed targeted walkouts in select Big Three auto manufacturing plants over the next few days.

On Wednesday night, UAW president Shawn Fain outlined where things stood at the time.

  • All three automakers proposed reducing the time for in-progression employees to reach top wages to four years from the current eight years. The union wants it to be 90 days
  • All three companies rejected the union’s proposal for reinstating pensions.
  • Ford proposed 20%, GM 18% and Stellantis 17.5% wage increases all over four and a half years.

GM has put another offer on the table as of noon on September 14, stating, “We remain in continuous, direct, and good faith negotiations with the UAW. We can confirm GM has put another economic offer on the table this morning with the goal of avoiding a work disruption by 11:59 PM tonight. Any disruption would negatively impact our employees and customers, and would have an immediate ripple effect across our communities.”

President Biden is encouraging everyone to stay at the table to avoid the potential economic hardship that a strike would cause. On Wednesday, economic adviser Jared Bernstein stated that the President “encouraged the parties to stay at the table and to work 24 and 7 to get a win-win agreement that keeps UAW workers at the heart of our auto future.”

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