The Elusive Million Mile Club

Over 70 million cars are produced worldwide each year, most with the goal of being a reliable form of transportation for a long time coming. Some lucky drivers even keep it going all the way to 999,999+ miles on the odometer. We asked our fans which vehicle they owned that came closest to joining the Million Mile Club. 

Here are some of the best responses:

Jeremy Blandford: 1996 Honda Accord Ex. Sold it for 2013 with 420k. Bought it back 5 years later to the day sporting 490,000 miles. Always regretted selling it, but have it back now and in the process of restoring it.

Chad Williamson: 2004 F150 with 454,000 miles still going after mowing over a couple deer and a few timing chain kits!

Rodney Wade: Just rolled 406k tonight on my 2002 Ford Excursion

Dustin Smillie: 99 z71 single cab 532,000 kept oil changed regularly and had to replace all pulleys

Chris Sizemore: My 2002 v10 excursion has 252,000 miles and I drive it daily.

Richard Summers: 2006 Peterbuilt.

Richard provided proof he is in the million mile club! How close have you been to the Million Mile Club?

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1 Comment on The Elusive Million Mile Club

  1. 1991 Ford Explorer Sport: 306,000 miles. Biggest repairs were a couple alternators and an A/C compressor. Transfer case is getting noisy in 4WD though.

    Next is my daily beater, 2004 Focus ZX3 2.3 Duratec: 287,000 miles, and never even had the cam cover off. Biggest repairs have been an A/C compressor, half shaft, and a couple ignition coils. Still burns no oil, and I expect it will easily go over 500,000. The body will likely start rusting before it gets to 1,000,000. 🙁

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