The ‘Cuda Returns as a Convertible Dodge with Alfa Roots


After a 41 year hiatus the ‘Cuda nameplate is confirmed to be resurrected. For those of you one step ahead of this asking “what are you talking about? Plymouth is no more.” You are correct, the ‘Cuda name will be released under the Dodge badge, which probably has Plymouth enthusiasts scratching their heads. ¬†According to Automotive News, Chrysler announced to dealers at a conference in Las Vegas that the new Barracuda will be using the new Alfa Romeo Guilia as a base, and sporting a convertible top only. The new car is said to be slightly smaller than the the current Challenger.

9 Comments on The ‘Cuda Returns as a Convertible Dodge with Alfa Roots

    • no question this leadership rejected staying with Penske Racing, an all time American winning team to abandon NASCAR. Fools running the show now.
      Fiat quality always was second to everybodys first

      • Dodge was all set with a new car for the Pensle team. But, Ford offered Penske a better deal and more money. Dodge couldn’t compete with that. What with Toyoto, Chevy and Ford buying up all the race teams.

        • Why wouldn’t Ford offer an iconic team a deal. Penske went to Dodge and would stay if matched.. The deal was for seven years Dodge offered two. Fiat thought racing Vipers in Europe was a better deal. Absolute fools.

  1. Seems as though Fiat is trying to sell Americans into a Euro Sportscar package…The original “Cuda” was a “muscular” body style with traits far from European roots. Now we’re being thrown in the same lot as a stylish “Bean” car with an exterior only a mother could love…While you can put a performance package under the hood, the body style will be its failure overall, becoming a very poor selling point for Americans yerning for a “retro” bodystyle like the Challenger which was an instant success…

  2. If they build that and call it a Barracuda, then they are idiots. They ruined the Charger with 4 doors. Four door cars are a dime a dozen and only need to be bought used. The Dart is passable, but needs a 2 door model. The Challenger is the only thing they have done correctly. Obviously the people at the top have no clue what US buyers want to buy in a car.

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