Summit Racing Equipment Constructs a 1,000 HP Twin-Turbo LS Engine Using Readily Available Components

Two decades ago, the idea of constructing a 1,000-horsepower turbocharged GM LS engine using readily available components and ensuring its durability beyond just a few dyno runs would have seemed implausible.

Fast forward to today, and achieving a reliable 1,000 horsepower from a turbocharged LS engine is well within the grasp of any hot rod enthusiast with a few engine builds under their belt. To demonstrate this, Summit Racing Equipment embarked on the creation of a twin-turbo 408 cubic inch LS engine, utilizing components from their Pro LS product line, Trick Flow Specialties GenX® 220 cylinder heads, and VS Racing turbochargers.

The objective of Project 1000 was to attain 1,000 horsepower. On the Trick Flow Specialties Superflow dyno, the 408 not only met but exceeded that goal, producing a remarkable 1,202 horsepower at 6,400 RPM and 1,119 lbs.-ft. of torque at 4,600 RPM with 26 pounds of boost.

Summit Racing meticulously documented the entire Project 1000 journey on their YouTube channel, which was divided into two segments:

Part One: Short Block
Part Two: Top End, Turbos, and Dyno
Furthermore, Summit Racing has thoughtfully created Parts Combos for fellow enthusiasts, allowing them to replicate the Project 1000 build.

Short Block Parts Combo:
For the foundation, they employed a Chevrolet Performance Parts 6.0L Gen III cast iron block with six-bolt iron main caps. Cast iron blocks were chosen for their resilience in high-boost turbo applications, as they can withstand the elevated cylinder pressures generated by forced induction.

The Summit Racing™ Pro LS Crankshaft, constructed from 4340 steel, was dyno-tested to handle over 1,200 horsepower in turbocharged setups. Complementing this, the Summit Racing™ Pro LS H-Beam Connecting Rods, also forged from 4340 steel, are capable of supporting 1,200 horsepower. The package includes Summit Racing™ Pro LS Pistons, forged from 2618 aluminum alloy, designed to handle substantial boost and nitrous, equipped with a Summit Racing™ Pro LS piston ring set.

Oiling System Parts Combo:
The combo consists of the Summit Racing™ Pro LS Cast Aluminum Oil Pan, compatible with cranks up to 4.250 inches in stroke, complete with a baffle, pickup, gasket, and hardware. Additionally, the pan incorporates a Chevrolet Performance louvered windage tray for enhanced oil control. The Melling oil pump, boasting high-pressure and high-volume characteristics with a CNC-machined housing and cover, is also included. The combo offers ARP oil pump bolts, windage tray bolts, a Summit Racing™ Extended Life Oil Filter, and seven quarts of 10W-30 Summit Racing™ ZDDP Performance Motor Oil.

Camshaft Parts Combo:
Highlighted by the Summit Racing™ Pro LS Stage 3 Turbo Camshaft, rated at .600/.575 inches of lift, 232/234 degrees duration @.050 inch of valve lift, and featuring a 115-degree lobe separation. The cam’s design minimizes overlap to prevent reversion, a condition in which exhaust gases flow back into the combustion chambers, diluting the incoming air/fuel charge. The combo also includes Summit Racing™ Roller Lifters and Lifter Guides, a Summit Racing™ Pro LS True Roller Timing Set with a Trick Flow Timing Chain Dampener, and an ICT Billet timing cover with built-in oil drain returns, essential for turbocharged engines.

Cylinder Head and Valvetrain Parts Combo:
The Trick Flow GenX® 220 Cylinder Heads come with as-cast 220cc intake and 80cc exhaust runners that deliver near-CNC-ported performance at an accessible price point. These heads feature CNC-profiled 65cc combustion chambers, 1.300-inch dual valve springs, and .750-inch thick decks to withstand high boost pressure without head gasket issues. To enhance performance, they added Harland Sharp 1.70 ratio aluminum rocker arms, secured the heads with an ARP Performance head stud kit, and used Mahle MLS gaskets.

Fuel and Ignition Parts Combo:
This combo incorporates a Summit Racing™ Fabricated Intake Manifold, equipped with DeatschWerks 95 lb.-hr. fuel injectors and a 103mm Summit Racing™ Pro LS Drive-by-Wire Throttle Body. The manifold optimizes power in the 4,500-8,000 RPM range, while the larger throttle body enhances airflow for improved acceleration. Spark is provided by a set of 40,000-volt Summit Racing™ High Output Ignition Coils, Summit Racing™ Ceramic Ignition Wires with ceramic-coated boots, and NGK spark plugs.

Turbocharger Parts Combo:
For ultimate performance, they utilized VS Racing Turbochargers, featuring a T4 design with a 67mm billet aluminum compressor wheel and a 62mm turbine wheel. These turbochargers exhibited rapid spooling on the dyno, generating over 1,000 lbs.-ft. of torque at 3,500 RPM with modest boost levels and timing. The package also includes Summit Racing™ 50mm Wastegates to regulate maximum boost and a pair of VS Racing 50mm blow-off valves to mitigate compressor surge.

Sensor and Engine Management Parts Combo:
The engine management system chosen was the Holley Dominator EFI Vehicle Management System, offering advanced features like individual cylinder fuel and spark control, drive-by-wire throttle body control, turbo boost and water/methanol injection control, and a progressive nitrous oxide controller. The combo includes various sensors such as Chevrolet Performance Idle Air Control, MAP, TPS, oil pressure, and water temperature sensors, along with a Delphi camshaft position sensor, a Beck/Arnley crankshaft position sensor, and Dorman knock sensors.

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