‘Street Outlaws’ Star Ryan Fellows Dies in Las Vegas Crash

ryan fellows

Husband, father of two was filming upcoming episode of ‘Street Outlaws: Fastest in America’

Ryan Fellows, co-star of reality show ‘Street Outlaws,’ died Sunday, August 7th, near Las Vegas while filming for the show. He was 41.

According to multiple reports, Fellows was driving his race-spec Nissan 240Z in a sanctioned drag race when he lost control of the car and crashed. The car flipped several times and caught fire, according to multiple reports.

A native of Chula Vista, California, Fellows was a co-star of the Discovery/Discovery+ street drag racing show that began airing in 2013. A statement was made by Discovery officials on Twitter: “The Street Outlaws family is heartbroken by the accident that led to the tragic death of Ryan Fellows. We extend our deepest sympathy to Ryan’s loved ones as they process this sudden and devastating loss.”

On a GoFundMe page for the late racer, a family member said Fellows was an avid car enthusiast. “He was admired for tenacity and a relentless drive to overcome the challenges before him,” said his family.

According to the GoFundMe page, Fellow leaves behind a wife and two children.

Fellows’ death is the latest in a string of straightline racing tragedies on in the United States; 37-year-old diesel drag racer and YouTuber Thomas Borrell, known as ‘Turba Tom,’ died in a crash on July 29 while racing in Tennessee, and 40-year-old jet truck driver Chris Darnell died when his truck, ‘Shockwave,’ exploded after a blown tire during a Michigan air show performance on July 2.

Image: YouTube/Discovery

23 Comments on ‘Street Outlaws’ Star Ryan Fellows Dies in Las Vegas Crash

  1. I am very Sorry to hear of his Death. I am an old racer. The most important thing about a Race is Safety. I watch your Show a lot. But some of those narrow Roads with no shoulders are very dangerous, Period. You should find Abandon or little used Drag Strips. (I prefer 1/4 mile Dragstrips. I own a Dodge Ram with a Highly Modified Dodge Viper running gear. I occasionally street Race, but I back off quickly if the conditions are bad. Out running someone I don’t know isn’t worth my life. Learn from Ryan’s accident and Save many other’s life!

    • I feel the same way. Newscasters always read the script, cars “drag racing”, when there an accident or death on the city street. Sorry about what happen to Ryan, but that is why all sanctioning bodies have you sign a wavier.

    • Everyone knows that “street outlaws” has not been street racing from the beginning.
      It’s all sanctioned by the localities and local police, the roads are closed, and there’s nothing “outlaw” about it.

    • I’m sure if discovery was filming it, I’d call it a closed filming set. Let’s see if discovery channel will now support the dudes family & kids. Seeing how he died working for the show.

  2. Street racing is NO DAMNED GOOD. Take it to the track, where there are safety crews and controlled environment to minimize risk.

  3. We was just camping next to him a couple weeks ago in Las Vegas Oasis RV Resort. Our deepest sympathies, thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. May God give you strength and comfort during this difficult time. We are so very sorry for your loss.

  4. Anyone who follows or knows anything about this show knows that it takes place on CLOSED and PERMITTED roadways for the purpose of producing the shows. What most people fail to realize is that there are indeed rules to follow in terms of driver safety, and yes, safety units and fire trucks are on site. They never show them as the show is supposed to represent real street racing. The production company officials aren’t stupid…

    • I watched at 1st but turned it off after these supposedly street cars on or in trailers combed the countryside looking for a road to illegally race. There were some beautiful cars & great workmanship, indeed! But not a street car in the bunch? Call them what you want…..but a $60k + engine plus every go- fast goodie known to man is not a street car!

  5. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the headline. I have a friend who runs in this series.
    Godspeed to Ryan, and God Bless his friends and family.

  6. Did Ryan not know the huge risk he was taking? He chose to participate in this so called “Sanctioned” street racing for profit. I sincerely hope he had a substantial life insurance policy that will help the family get thru this financially. If he did, I hope the insurance company doesn’t deem “street racing” as an illegal activity and not pay out. I will mourn his loss for the family he left behind. My sympathies go out to them.

  7. I know that this bad and the worst thing that could happen to our sport of Motorsport
    Racing but to me it is not sanctioned by any formal association or backing so if
    something like this happens, no body wants to take responsibility for really happened
    to these men! I did some “Street Racing in my “Hot Rod Days” some 40 to 50 years
    ago! I was scared to death the whole time I did, and afraid of getting caught always
    staid on my mind! I hate this because this is not good for the sport at all. Like
    anything else when this happens to one thy think that we all do the same things
    but we don’t because we know better! MY thoughts and prayers to all of these
    families of losing their love ones! Losing them naturally is bad enough, but like
    this is really too much to handle and bare! God speed and Peace.

  8. Sanctioned by the localities and local police!? What a stupid, disrespectful comment to the “true” racing world! These sort of accidents and so-called drag racing events is what is ruining and blemishing the name of drag racing! I have been racing since 1968, ALWAYS at a dragstrip that is/was “SANCTIONED” by a true racing body (NHRA, IHRA, AHRA). Here is another totally STUPID comment stating that the fire trucks and life support are hidden from the cameras because, “the show is supposed to represent real street racing.” That explains it all regarding the ignorance level of this so-called sport! My sympathy truly goes out to all the family and friends of Ryan.

  9. Sanctioned…? Maybe by the local municipality, or a T.V. network. But a real race sanctioning body understands the structure, architecture, positioning, and value of things like guardrails, fire suppression personnel, and technically in-tune authoritive safety inspectors. Street racing is just what it says. The inherent risk of simply tying to herd some cars capable of 200 MPH, on such surfaces carries tragic consequences.

  10. it’s always a tragic event when a fellow hot roder looses his life doing what he loves to do, we as racing gladiator’s put our life in jeopardy every time we get behind the wheel of our cars, we know what can happen but we don’t think like others do, it’s a passion we have. RIP.

  11. Instead of supporting local tracks with the drama of drag racing, this show infers that the real drama is on the streets. What do younger viewers think? Does the show influence them to take drag racing to the track or to the street? Bring back shows like “Pinks” that actually use real racing venues. They’re much safer by any measure.

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