Street Outlaws Racers Charged with Murder

Street Outlaws

The Burnout has been following the drama surrounding Israel “Izzy” Valenzuela, a participant on the Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws, as he was involved in an illegal street race in Southern California that killed two spectators. Recently, a new suspect has been brought into the case.

According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, Karen Gary Balyan is the alleged driver of the Mustang that went off-course and killed spectators Eric Siguenza and Wilson Thomas Wong in an incident unrelated to Street Outlaws.

Israel “Izzy” Valenzuela was previously identified as the driver of the Nissan GTR that was racing Balyan while Henry Michael Gevorgyan is accused of organizing the illegal races.

All three suspects have been charged with murder and the pre-trial is set to begin on June 11, 2015. According to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, Valenzuela and Gevorgyan have posted bail. Balyan’s bail has been set at $3 million.

Each defendant is facing a possible sentence of 33 years to life in prison if convicted.

*Correction (6/1/15): The accident in question was an independent event and did not take place during the filming of Street Outlaws as previously reported by The Burnout.

8 Comments on Street Outlaws Racers Charged with Murder

  1. What in the HELL are you talking about. The accident happened during a street race, not during a taping of the show. Get your facts straight, before you start touting lies.

    One of the defendants was a driver of one car during 1 episode of the first season. That is the ONLY connection to the show.

    Nice journalism, editors.

  2. They should not get in any trouble bc every body knows they could get hurt at a street race if it was no thrill that it would not be fun

  3. This is bullshit ,, why should they be sentenced to more time than a fucking drunk driver that kills someone ? Street racing is dangerous and we all take a risk whether we race or spectate . Drunk driver’s should be sentenced to life for killing someone as the person they kill is completely unaware of the drunks ignorance and lack of respect for human life everytime they drive drunk .

  4. It is what it is.. and I’ll not take any sides to this issue, However after participating in the SCCA for more than 10 years, I found that there are tracks/drag strips located nation wide which has plenty of room for all types of racing.. yet those of you continue to race illegally on our main streets & highways. Pay the yearly dues, Then prove it on the track.. not on our streets. 2cents..

  5. get real people I have been in the street racing scene or 35 years these new people dont know what they are doing no one should be allowed to watch the race past the start line you people race in the wrong place and we raced with as little spectators as possible.

  6. If I were the Street Outlaws people I would sue whomever linked them to this when they were not involved in any way and this is definitely defamation of their character and reputation!!! If they had been involved there probably would not have been any fatalities because we have all seen they put safety first and have lighting, EMS on site, and the area secured so no unauthorized spectators are there and make sure there are no spectators past the starting area other than a single spotter well off the road at the finish line!!! It is a tragedy someone lost their life but they have a lot of responsibility in their death by choosing to be in the area they chose to stand and entirely too close to the road!!! These cars easily reach well over 100 mph in a very short distance and you should be well out of the path they would take if something goes wrong!!! They were knowingly at an illegal race and their lack of common sense cost them their lives!!!The drivers are guilty of participating in an illegal activity but they did not go there with the intention of killing someone!!! This screams of the liberal mindset where they never take responsibility for their own choices and actions!!!!

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