Shop Tour: Five Questions with Shane Lile of Sewn Tight Custom Interiors

Sewn Tight, Questions, Shop Tour

There is something about custom interiors for your hot rods that begs for that loving touch. You want someone to make every stitch and every tuck to be done as if you were doing it yourself. In this issue of Five Questions, we got the opportunity to interview Shane Lile of Sewn Tight. A southern style family company, Sewn Tight puts together some of the finest custom interiors we’ve seen and they do it with values you can feel. See for yourself HERE!

1. Can you tell me a little bit of the history of Sewn Tight? Your website says “Family Owned and Operated”, so what does that mean?

The shop is owned and operated by myself and my wife Jessica. All our interiors are built 100% in house by the 2 of us. She and I take cars from concept-design-fabrication to completion.

Sewn Tight, Questions, Shop Tour

2. You specialize in custom interiors for hot rods. How did that come about?

Hot rods and Street rods have always been a part of our lives. With our parents in the same car club, “Louisville Street Rods” it’s all we have known. I was taken in a car seat belted in the back seat of a 47 Nash. Jessica, her dad had a 48 Ford coupe.

With the help of my dad we could do all aspects of a car build minus the interior. Once I started driving and fixing up my own cars, I looked to a fellow club member who did upholstery work for guidance. He took me under his wing for a summer and showed me the basics. After that it was something that came natural. As an adult after college and 9 years in the corporate world it was time to kick the dress clothes aside and put my thoughts and ideas to work. After 5 years of growth and accomplished goals, Jessica and I decided it was time for her to walk away from her “real job” and join me in the shop full time. This really took us to the next level. With us being able to collaborate ideas and challenge one another.

Sewn Tight, Questions, Shop Tour

3. What have been some of your favorite interiors to work on?

Some of our favorites have been a mint green 32 Ford, a 34 Ford pick up, the 2017 and 2019 NSRA giveaway cars have been fun and we always love our tri five chevys. It’s hard to pick a favorite with the quality of cars we work on and the great car owners and builders we work with.

4. How do you go about designing a custom interior for a customer?

What does the process/timeline look like? It’s always good to have the car in front of us, we help most of our customers pick the colors they want and most of the time they leave the style up to us. At that point we ask “what they don’t like?” The last thing we want to do is give someone something they dislike. If they know what they want or have a rendering, we follow that or come up with a design for their approval. The usual turnaround depends on vehicle and amount of fabrication, usually 3-6 weeks start to completion.

5. What would you say is the hallmark of a sewn tight interior?

We always make our interiors clean, Tight and without any wrinkles, our attention to detail makes an interior “look like it is supposed to be there.” We are also known for always delivering on time. We make every interior unique, we feel obligated as a Custom shop to ensure our customers truly have a custom one off interior.

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