SAFE Racing Coolant Announced


Every racer is looking for the prime solution to engine cooling. The biggest issue each confronts is the toxicity of coolants available for racing engines. Is there a way to cool an engine and stop contributing to climate change conditions that imperil this earth?

Bradley Miller, founder of Speedteq, has what he believes is a better idea. He first brought the idea of glycol-free coolants to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in mid-May when he introduced a publicly-available, non-toxic, biodegradable coolant for passenger cars.

As a partner to Dale Coyne Racing adjunct Jonathan Byrd Racing and driver James Davison in the 103rd Indianapolis 500 held May 26, Speedteq wanted to show the importance of promoting SAFE coolant solutions for both the public and the racing community. At the time, Miller wasn’t ready to introduce SAFE RACE Coolant to the racing community. That has changed.

“It’s only natural and logical that we offer the professional and amateur racing community a true alternative to the toxic coloring, Diethanolamine boric acids and other caustic substances used in the water-based wetting agents for racing,” Miller said.

SAFE Racing Antifreeze/Coolant Announced

“We also will offer these SAFE products in affordable concentrate with our FDA food-grade non-toxic coloring, that mixes with purified RO water, so we aren’t adding more plastic bottles to be recycled,” Miller continued. “We truly hope the FIA lends their support to our global cause to help make motorsports greener and save all mammals’ lives, reducing the contamination of groundwater. Our single goal for the new SAFE coolant is to be the world’s safest passenger product for over-the-road.

“All of our technology,” the long-time racing participant added, “comes from our motorsports core business, so truly it wasn’t ‘big’ chemical or ‘big’ automotive that has produced the world’s safest coolant. These advancements were born from racing and motorsports, like so many other safety features in passenger cars and over-the-road trucks.”

Ethylene glycol is one of the more toxic chemicals in use for coolant products, where the SAFE RACE coolant, released on June 5, is designed go be child-safe, pet-safe and wildlife safe. Miller initially introduced SAFE coolant at Indianapolis and said that his goal was to inject climate friendly solutions into the motorsports trade.

Many of Miller’s racing oriented staff members are well known to the racing community. They include former crew chiefs Danny DeGennaro and Darrell Soppe, application engineers Mike Ege, Kyle Dahlquist and Mark Owsiany, as well as marketing chiefs Carl Robinson and Steve Kelley.

SAFE Racing Antifreeze/Coolant Announced

Racers wishing to take advantage of this new product can receive an introductory discount of 37.5% on direct orders only. An Amazon store will be opened later in the month of June, serving both Speedteq’s public and motorsports clientele. Please access the company’s website for further information.

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  1. I didn’t think antifreeze was allowed in race car cooling systems.
    Years ago at my SCCA licensing school I bumped into a really nice Porsche 911 when the car ahead of him blew a hose and dumped antifreeze on track. I think the 911 straddled the coolant streak, but by the time I got to it the stuff had spread out across the track and was slicker than eel crap.
    I apologized to the 911 owner afterward. He told me it wasn’t my fault and not to worry about it, which made me feel much better.

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