ROUSH Performance – New Attitude of Detroit Muscle

ROUSH® Performance adds some attitude to a freshly redesigned Ford Mustang. Built on the Blue Oval’s 6th generation Detroit icon, ROUSH performance is excited to debut its aggressive new 2015 lineup. “We have taken a different approach to our new Stage lineup.” states Jay Velthoven, Director of Marketing at ROUSH Performance. ”The 2015 RS will be built on the Mustang’s V6 platform, the Stage 1 will feature the new turbo-charged Ford 2.3L Eco-Boost motor, and the Stage 2 will showcase a naturally aspirated 5.0L V8.”

All of the 2015 ROUSH Mustangs receive the “R7” (7th generation) aero-body package giving this pony some major attitude. The face of the “R7″ aero-body package features a fully remodeled ROUSH fascia with integrated aero-pockets, a five-blade upper grille, high-flow lower grille with driving lamps, and a front chin splitter. “We worked closely with our race teams aero specialists as we modeled our new body components.” says Mark Trostle, Lead Designer for ROUSH. “It’s instantly noticed on the rear with the raceinspired lower aero-valance and a new one piece decklid spoiler. We also tied the whole aero package together with a set of side rocker canards.”

Along with the aggressive new look, the Stage 1 and Stage 2 get the new ROUSH quad-tip performance exhaust system. “The new quad-tip exhaust is a modular design that is set to accept future upgrades.” Says Erin Dmytrow, Engineering Director for ROUSH Performance. “We are working on some exciting features that will be available
later this year.”

The ROUSH Mustangs also gets a handling boost thanks to the optional suspension setups and new Quicksilver 20-inch ROUSH wheels – wrapped in the ROUSH/Cooper (co-developed) RS3-S ultra high-performance tire. Inside the cabin, every ROUSH Mustangs will receive ROUSH embroidered floor mats and a serialized ROUSH dash badge. Optional ROUSH gauge cluster and leather seating upgrades are available for both the standard seat and the upgraded RECARO seats.

Additionally, the ROUSH Stage Mustangs have several exterior and interior options available including side quarter window scoops, body side scoop, hood scoop and more.

All 2015 ROUSH “Stage” Mustangs will first be available in manual coupes with convertible chassis and automatic transmissions to follow at a later date. They are also all 50-state legal and covered by ROUSH’s 3-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty. The 2015 ROUSH Mustangs are expected to start showing up on dealer lots by mid October 2014.

3 Comments on ROUSH Performance – New Attitude of Detroit Muscle

  1. I own a 2013 Stage 3 Please tell me you are going to put the high horse power back into the Mustang!!!! With Dodge having the Wildcat at 707 hp the new Mustang is only 442 hp that means no fun racing.. Come on Jack if you don’t want to do the change with the 5 liter, the put the 5.8 Shelby motor in it and with the new IRS this car should be on the same level as the new Camaro and Vet , But we need the hp back in the Mustang….I own a 1966 427 Cobra it is a great winter car here in Havasu but I drive my Mustang darning the summer and don’t want the run of the mill GT

  2. Before I bought a Hennessy 717 hp or Saleen I think 662 hp I’d take the difference in price between stock 5.0 Fastback spend it on upgrades. There’s up to a $30000 difference there considering the Hennessy starts at $59,500 Using little more than half will give you a more powerful Pony “if you know what your doing”. I know I can hear you now “but it’ll void the warranty”. Lets face it (most not all) of what we want to do with these cars will void the warranty if we get caught that is. There was a day when people knew how to work on there own rides. I don’t believe the excuse that the cars of today are to difficult for the average gear head. If you truly grew up around hot rods you should have been able to keep up with those changes.

    I grew up around speed freaks who didn’t run to the dealership every time a faster car was available, regardless of brand. Those folks believed in brand loyalty but more important knew how to build their cars so far beyond the factories. It may be that people can’t truly afford these cars outright so they finance them. A education in mechanics even computers will cost less then a financed $60,000 car which with interest cost 10’s of thousand more in charges. Who cares what Dodge. Chevy is doing build “Your Ride” your way not factories way.

    If having less hp then the next guy bothers you so much then first off you’ll never be happy since there will always be a more powerful, faster car out there. Also you’ve in my opinion forgot what these cars are all about. Whats that? The feeling of holy crap hold on to your backside when you step on the loud pedal. The way they make you feel 8 yrs old again or the how you felt the first time you kissed a girl/guy that you really liked. Any gear head that has children its like the first time you held you baby and were so scared of screwing up, yet full of crazy emotions.

    All this is just one man’s opinion in a world full of them. I know this so with that said. What is your opinion.

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